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Unknown Civil War Regiments

Remember our Clark County patriots. Some lie in national cemeteries. Some sleep in hometown graves. Some never made it home. But all have something in common. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, our freedom and our quality of life.

If anyone has any information concerning these men, please write to me.

Auburn Township
McKinsley, Dan possibly the 16 Illinois Cavalry, Co. K

Payne, William

Casey Township

Dick, William possibly the 22 Battery, Indiana Light Artillery.
Echelberry, William possibly the 78th Regiment, Ohio Infantry or 160th Regiment, Ohio Infantry (National Guard)
Guyer, John possibly the 9th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry or 37th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Jacobs, Charles
Hetherington, John possibly the 129th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Malcam, William
Merrill, Cyler
Meyers, George
Ripple, Jacob possibly the 15th Regiment, Missouri Infantry (US), Company K, Sgt.
Sherman, Charles
Sherman, Ira possibly the 9th Regiment, Indiana Infantry or 12th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
Wall, Garrett possibly the 1st Regiment, Minnesota Cavalry (Mounted Rangers)

Darwin Township
Clubb, Kiger
Clubb, Richard
Hires, J.M. possibly the 17th Regiment, Indiana Infantry or 123rd Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Walls, J.M. possibly the 8th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery
Whitanack, John

Dolson Township

Hurst, Nathaniel possibly the 7th Regiment, Missouri Infantry (US) or 49th Regiment, Missouri Infantry (US)
Johnson, Andy
Jones, Russell

Johnson Township

Crouch, Moses possibly the 6th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (3 months, 1861), 33rd Regiment, Indiana Infantry, or the 85th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Lansbury, John only found one on Civil War record and he was in the 4th Regiment, California Infantry
Shoemaker, John
Walton, Miles

Marshall Township

Anarcher, Augustus
Baird, W.J.
Boaz, Edward possibly the 52nd Regiment, Indiana Infantry or 79th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Callahan, Daniel possibly the 62nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Clark, Harvey
Craig, Andrew
Easterday, Frank
Ewalt, George W. possibly either the 163rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry (National Guard)
Henry, Charles
Hogue, Wallace
Keith, Jackson
Kohl, John possibly the 136th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (100 days, 1864)
Littlefield, John possibly a Maine regiment
Littlefield, Josiah possibly a Maine regiment
Moran, William
O'Brist, John only found one on Civil War record, 11th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry
Rector, John
Robinson, N.M.
Robinson, William
Smith, Washington
Starks, Alexander
Strohm, Lewis
Wienbolt, Henry
Williford, Sam possibly the 4th Regiment, Iowa Cavalry

Martinsville Township

Bach, Ernest possibly the 98th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company D
Bair, John
Ballard, William possibly the 62nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Becktold, Lewis possibly the 13th Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Company F, A
Black, John
Buckle, Sherman
Burdett, Charles
Burkett, Charles possibly the 153rd Regiment, New York Infantry or 56th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
Carlin, Amos possibly Sexton's Independent Company, Stone Prairie, Missouri Home Guard (US) or 30th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Carson, Appolus
Cox, James
Curtis, Jonathon possibly the 12th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry
Fasig, Jacob possibly the 163rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry (National Guard)
Godden, T.H. possibly the 22nd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry
Lackey, DR
McClenther, Thomas
McCourt, James possibly the 15th Regiment, Ohio Infantry or 51st Regiment, Indiana Infantry
McNurlan, John possibly the 91st Regiment, Ohio Infantry or 125th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Netzly, Jacob possibly the 162nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry (National Guard)
Owens, John
Rowe, Elias possibly the 72nd Regiment, New York Infantry
Skinner, William
Smithley, Jack
Swallum, Levi
Tibbs, Joseph

Melrose Township

Belt, William possibly the 42nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Boothe, E.W. possibly the 11th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (3 months, 1861) or 62nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Reese, L.M. possibly the 11th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry (US)
Riley, B.F.
Sheely, James
only found one on Civil War record in the 2nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps
Wells, J.M.
Wheeler, Thomas

Orange Township

Andrews, John
Blankenbaker, Benjamin possibly the 41st Regiment, Illinois Infantry or 13th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
Converse, Robert
Cooper, John
Crandall, Sylvester only found one on Civil War record in the 14th Regiment, Michigan Infantry
Cunningham, Alvis
Hays, William
Hogeland, William possibly an Indiana regiment
Hudson, Albert
Jond, Edward
Keller, Richard possibly and Indiana regiment
Lane, James
Leatherman, Solomon C. possibly the 7th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company K, Sgt.
McNurlan, William possibly the 125th Regiment, Ohio Infantry or 21st Regiment, Missouri Infantry (US)
Noel, Henry
Nutt, Marshall
Roberts, John
Showman, ???
Vaught, Frank

Parker Township

Bishop, Samuel
Perisho, Richard
Melton, Montreville possibly the 40th Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Company D or 137th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (100 days, 1864), Company G

Wabash Township

Baily, Levi
Crowthers, James possibly the 129th Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Company K
Dunlap, James
Geisart, Edward
Glover, William
Horsley, Phillip possibly the 45th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry (US)
John, James possibly a Missouri or Indiana regiment
Lowe, William
Miller, Levi
Parsons, James
Peters, Abraham possibly an Indiana regiment
Piper, Elijah possibly the 7th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
Thompson, Alex
Watters, George
Williams, G.W.
Williams, Lafayette

Westfield Township

Andrews, D.C. possibly the 76th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Archer, James
Den, Perry
Gheisenhoff, John
Weller, Perry

York Township

Fister, Mont. possibly an Ohio regiment

Unknown Township

Figgers, Claude
Finch, Charles

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