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What is a Ghost?

A ghost is an alleged spirit of the dead. A ghost may be visible, although only a small percentage of cases involve actual images. Generally, a ghosts may makes mysterious noises, smells, cold breezes and movement of objects to make it's presence known.

It is said that a ghost refers to a disembodied soul who, after death, goes to live in an underworld or afterlife, often at the bottom of a lake, across the ocean, in the sky or on the moon, or to the West where the sunsets. The Melanesians believe that the soul separates into a dual nature at death. The adaro (the ghost which is the bad part of the soul) and the aunga (the good part). Ghosts make their homes in nearby islands or underground and can travel to their home by land or on a ship of the dead.

Followers of spiritualism believe that ghosts are souls of the dead trapped on earth. This is done because they are confused, or because they don't yet realize that they are dead. A medium believes that they can communicate with ghosts and help them move on. Like apparitions they also can return on earth to avenge its wrongful death or to take care of unfinished business.

It is not true that ghosts appear only at night. Many can appear during the day, although it is possible that visual apparitions may be more alert to clairvoyance when relaxed or asleep at night. A ghost may appear in dreams or can awaken people who are sleeping. Some ghosts are reported under foggy conditions, and are probably just tricks of light.

Most ghosts are depicted as being seen in graveyards, but contrary to popular belief, most ghosts are seen in structures like houses and buildings. But many cultural societies all have their own beliefs on ghosts.

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