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The CrossRoads
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An Online Clique

The Rules:

1. Please link the graphics back to your server.

2. I understand that you may be more than one of these characteristics, but please only choose one that BEST describes you. It would be easier and less tacky if you chose only one candle color to put on your page other then a whole bunch.

3. You have to be a member of the night world.


1. Please read all the descriptions below, before choosing the one that best suites you. Please be honest and don't peek to find your favorite color. It is best to get a candle color that means something rather than one you like.

2. Further instructions are given, after choosing what description is yours..



You would prefer to keep to yourself, observing others around you. You can be deeply intuitive and secretive. People with this candle color can be moody at times and often somewhat shy or quiet.

You are always full of bright ideas, feeling as if you can do anything you are actively involved in tons of projects and clubs. You can be very powerful and happy most of the time. also having controlled passion to things around you.

You thrive on taking care of others. You're most alive and active whenever outdoors. You're life is balanced and in harmony. You can be a very stable, practical person and usually are the brains of the operation with a cool, calm enigma. You're always the one who has the answer for everything, but can be very detached in some ways from those your not so close to.

Usually you are tolerant of all people and are generally a bright, cheerful, and happy person. Always at ease and Peaceful. You Theorize alot of things and are the 'studying' type of person. This candle can be for people with extremely active imaginations.

When there's a job to be done, you get it done. As a natural born leader you are full of passion and ambition. But you do tend to get easily impatient, also flaring up a temper! You're a determined, passionate, and powerful person who is not afraid of a whole lot. You commanded respect and exude sexuality.

Smart and intelligent, You're not so much a ‘goody good' but you'd rather be safe than sorry. But That does not mean you can't be a loud mouth at times! You are ready for anything, but are not that outgoing, and kind of a semi-loner. You are complete to yourself, caring about your "family" and are the upholder of everything that is right and good.

Having a deep inner intelligence, you're most likely to be strong in the arts and science. You are very loyal and devoted to anything you do, and are more of a watcher/thinker. People of this candle color can be peacful, powerful and once you step back from your faults you can bring things 'together'.

You can be very trustworthy and open-minded at times. Always looking for a good time, you're usually pre-occupied with tons of other things. You can also be passionate and lazy. Very 'in tune' with nature and the elements. As well as creative with your talents. You can also be extremely idealistic, almost to a fault.

*thanks to Sylvia Weald(from the Night world) who came up with the idea to hide the candle colors until chosen, and who also helped me with the (original) graphics! and a very specail thanks to Linnie Ravencliffe of the nightworld who also helped me with the graphics!*

You are Visitor numbersince November 18th, 1998. Don't you feel special?

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