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Welcome to the United States Bowling Congress, better known as USBC, information page. The following information addresses the merits of merging the associations.

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Merits of Merging

Benefits to being a merged local association

Benefits to members (i.e. - awards) and services to associations (i.e. - supplies, assistance from Bowling Headquarters) will be the same regardless of whether an association merges or is non-merged.

However, there are a number of benefits to merging opposed to remaining non-merged, in terms of cost savings and simplicity.

Time and Expense.

By combining common areas, there are savings in time and cost. In many cases across the country there are at least three separate offices in a common area that separately serve the men and women (ABC), women (WIBC) and the youth (YABA). These office costs could include: computers, printers, rent, utilities, telephone and any of the other normal operating expenses.  Combining the offices alone will reduce operational expenses. In other areas, the savings will be in reducing the volunteer time to operate the three associations (i.e. - running meetings) versus one organization and reducing that time to the member.

Single service to members, league secretaries and proprietors.

Members will pay dues to one association. Members, leagues secretaries and proprietors will have one office to call for questions or information about events and benefits. Many league secretaries/proprietors provide secretarial service for several leagues: ABC, WIBC, mixed, and youth. In fact, 85% of our leagues are mixed leagues. Now consider the amount of time a secretary of a mixed league spends completing different sanction applications, collecting different fees for male and females, figuring two different amounts to send to the proper association, writing two different checks, etc.

In a merged association a league secretary will only have to make one call for obtaining materials, sending information, filling out forms, having questions answered, etc. In essence, one merged association would provide "one stop shopping" and easier access to service for our members.

Number of bowling organizations.

There are many organizations in bowling and our current structure continues to further fragment our sport. We firmly believe this is also true on the state/local level with the duplication of service, governance and administrative duties. Uniting at the state/local level to represent men, women and youth will bring us all together, to build on our strengths as well as our differences to make bowling better for the member in each area. We can focus on separate programs for men, women and youth, but the duplication of governance and operations in the same area just does not make sense.

Cost savings.

Currently women bowlers who hold membership in both ABC and WIBC pay two sets of national and two sets of local dues. While women will have to pay one set of national dues under USBC, they will only have to pay one set of local dues if their local association merges. On the other hand, if their local associations remain non-merged and a female wants to participate in both the non-merged BA and non-merged WBA, she will be required to pay two sets of local dues, just like today.

The above article is from USBC seminar materials of George W. Martin, Field Consultant September 1, 2004.

We are here to serve the bowler, whether being an ABC, WIBC or YABA member, we are all bowlers and love the sport of bowling.


"What would happen with WIBC permanent membership and/or ABC lifetime membership?"

"WIBC permanent and ABC lifetime members, as of July 31, 2004, will be exempt from paying USBC dues at all levels."

The above does not apply for 2004-2005 season since USBC does not start until the 2005-2006 year for processing USBC membership. The 2004-05 season will be an ABC and WIBC season. This type of membership will cease to be offered after July 31, 2004. The USBC Board will determine if this type of membership would be offered by USBC in the future.

Please take to the time to place your vote on merging. This is not an official vote as not everyone has a computer and we must give all bowlers an opportunity to vote. Please, only vote once. This was to be a poll selection but I am unable to get it to work so please bear with me and just send me an E-Mail.

I will keep a tabulation and post it on the news page as I get results. We will be having board meetings, Association meetings and then group meetings as we move along. I will keep you posted as best that I can through the website. If you would like a personal E-Mail on the voting, let me know and I will replay back to you.

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