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League Secretary Information

USBC no longer prints the League Operation Handbook for each league. The document below has all the information you, as a league official, need to help you run an effective league from USBC. It contains all the recognition awards applications that you will need if you do not have a secretary program to do it automatically for you. This handbook has a lot of directions of what and when to file information to your local association. It also has questions answered for you that may not be in the rule book.

USBC League Operation Manual

Awards Forms
Scroll towards the bottom of the page to get the form that you need.
Select High Score form for 300, 800-900 and 11 in a row.
Select Special Achievment for game and series application.

USBC League Forms and Manuals
plus other information that is available for both league and association management.

Greater Beloit USBC Secretary Guidelines.
Information that is requested by the Men's Bowling Association.
Some of this information is also included in the USBC Handbook.

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