We are not accepting applications for the new merged association.
All members of the WIIL USBC BA and the Beloit USBC WBA that are
interested are encouragedto apply once we make the decision to merge.

We will have 1 President, 1 Vice President, 1 Sergeant of Arms and 10 Board of Directors.
All current officers and board of director members, from both the men's and women's
associations, are requested and encouraged to submit credentials if interested in serving on the board.

This includes the two current Association Managers if they choose to be considered for the
1 Association Manager position with the new association. The manager is hired by the
new board and is not a balloted position unless more than one person meets the requirements.

There will be a need for several people to volunteer to serve on committees even if you are
not successful during the election or if that is all that would interest you at this time.

The paperwork should be returned to Gary Garbe, Mike Rydberg, Lori Harrison,
Casey Patch or Kathy Palazzolo by February 1 so that ballots can be prepared.
We will be setting the meeting for early March, after all the tournaments are completed.


Forms for the new association are here.
Credentials Form

For President, V. President, Sergeant of Arms
Board of Directors positions

Board of Directors Description

Association Manager Job Application
Association Manager
Job Application
All Assn Manager applications must to forwarded to Lori Harrison or Mike Ryberg

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