2018 Open City Tournament Leader Board

This is an unofficial listing.

The payouts include donations from the WIIL USBC BA ($500),
Diamond Lanes, Viking Lanes ($300 each)
and money from the brackets and 50/50 money collected (TBD).
Thank you for bowling with us.

2018 Official Standings. The payouts will be posted when available.
All totals include Handicap. The payments will be posted after the checks are distributed shortly after the tournament ends.

Updated 03/15/2018.

Doubles Division 1 & 2 Standings

Singles Division 1 & 2 Standings

Team Division 1 Standings

Team Division 2 Standings

All Events Division 1 Standings

All Events Division 2 Standings

All Events Scratch Division Standings


Doubles/Singles Event Entrants

Team Event Entrants

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