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(Mar 12, 2017)

The payouts for the Women's City tournament have been posted.

(Feb 18, 2017)

The Women's City Championship Tournament is under way. The 6th squad has been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

(Feb 13, 2017)

The Open City Championship Tournament Unofficial complete standings for the tournament have been updated and posted to the leader page.

(Feb 1, 2017)

The Open City Championship Tournament Unofficial standings for the Team Event and All-Events have been updated and posted to the leader page.

(Jan 27, 2017)

The Open City Championship Tournament Unofficial standings for the singles and doubles have been updated and posted to the leader page.

(Jan 12, 2017)

The Open City and Women's City Championship Tournament entry blanks and rules can be found in the forms link and also on the respective tournament entry listings.

(Jan 11, 2017)

The Women's City Tournament has been updated. There are 6 squads available and each squad may have a mix of S/D and Team Events.

(Jan 1, 2017)

The Qualifying, Semi-Finals, and the Final standings with the payouts for the BDN have been posted under the Tournament/BDN Holiday Results listing.

(Dec 29, 2016)

The BDN qualifying results have been posted on the website.

(Dec 26, 2016)

The BDN entries have been posted for all 5 shifts on the BDN Entries page. This also includes supporting sponsors names.

(Dec 20, 2016)

The Open City Tournament has added a new S/D squad time. It is on January 21 @ 6:00 PM

(Dec 9, 2016)

All of the latest records listings have been updated and are working now. Look under the Miscellaneous tab for Full Honor Scores, City Records, and City Team Records. The team records lists each team with bowlers names and scores that have the first highest scores, the city records lists the top five records in all category, and the Full Honors will be all of the honor scores by bowler name for scores bowled in local leagues and state/national tournaments.

(Nov 17, 2016)

The DL Open Scratch Finals have been posted. Scratch: 1.Josh Ward, 2.Ryan Griffin, 3.Tim Brickson, 4. Korey Butler,
5. Todd Kjell, 6. Dennis Muth, 7. Greg Hockmuth. Handicap winners: 1. Matt Markley, 2. Bill McNely, 3. Russell Schultz,
4. Eric Zweifel, 5. Matt Mullranin, Casey Muth, 9. Brittany Zweifel, 8. Josh Schlegel.

(Nov 17, 2016)

The DL Open Scratch Qualifiers with total pins are: 1.Josh Ward 2562, 2. Korey Butler 2448, 3. Tim Brickson 2396, 4. Greg Hockmuth 2297, 5. Todd Kjell 2227, 6. Dennis Muth 2161, 7. Ryan Griffin 2071.

DL Open Handicap Qualifiers with total pins are: 1. Matt Markley 2461,2. Brittany Zweifel 2411, 3. Bill McNely, 4. Russell Schultz 2324, 5. Casey Muth 2303, 6. Eric Zweifel 2302, 7. Matt Mullranin 2294, 8. Josh Schlegel 2268.

(Nov 14, 2016)

The Hall of Fame Photo album has been updated adding in the latest inductees along with their bios.
Congratulations to Lenny Adrignola, Pam Drye, and Joe Kalas.
It was a great banquet honoring these three plus all of the other bowlers for their accomplishments over the past season.

(Nov 11, 2016)

The 92nd Annual Open City Championship tournament dates and times have been confirmed and posted.
Look under the Tournament tab to view the information. We are working on the dates and times for the
Women's City Tournament and this will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

(Sept 10, 2016)

Mike Townsend will be the Tournament Manager for the BDN starting this year.

(Sept 10, 2016)

Congratulations to Lyle Schober on his 816 series @ DL on Sept 7, Mike Murphy, Jr 300 @ VL Sept 8 and Trevor Williams on his 300 @ VL on Sept 9th

(Sept 4, 2016)

We will be starting the associations merging process as mandated by USBC. This will include the men, women and youth within our jurisdiction. We must have everything completed no later than August 1, 2018. We will be accepting names to serve on the new board including the President, Vice President, and Board of Directors. The merging committee will determine a suggested by-laws and number of Board members and then the full membership will vote these changes into the by-laws and policies and procedures documents. Gary Garbe will be retiring from the position of Association Manager as of July 31, 2019.

(July 11, 2016)
Added the tributes of Judy Schoenike's and Gary Schultz's photo and obituaries to the remembrance page.

(May 26, 2016)

The full city records listings and all honor scores listings have been posted under the Records tab. Also, the team members for all of the teams holding the Team High Records has been updated on the page.

(Feb 21, 2016)

The Unofficial Standings of the 2016 Open Tournament results have been posted under "Tournaments" and "Open Leaders" tabs. This includes the team event and the All-Events leaders with one squad to bowl yet.

(Mar 14, 2016)

The Official Standings and Payouts for the 2016 Open Tournament results have been posted under "Tournaments" and "Open Leaders" tabs.

(Jan 31, 2016)

The Unofficial Standings of the 2016 Open Tournament results after the 3rd Squad have been posted under "Tournaments" and "Open Leaders" tabs.

(Jan 18, 2016)

The Wisconsin State USBC Bowling Association will proudly present 5- $1000 Scholarships this year to graduating high school seniors in the state of Wisconsin. Applications will be accepted until March 15, 2016. I have placed a link from the website that will take you to the page that has the application. A link has now been added for scholarships given by the WI State Women's Bowling Association. Look under the Forms tab and Youth Scholarships for the Application.

(Jan 18, 2016)

The early entries for the Open City and Women's City Tournaments have been posted under the "Tournament" tab.

(Dec 25, 2015)

The BDN entry listings are posted. There are only 3 slots open on Squad #1.
If we get those slots filled any extras will have to bowl 10 games on Monday night in order to get your 10 games of qualifying in.

(Dec 1, 2015)

The BDN entry blank and The DL Christmas Eve Tournament
entry blanks are available under the "Forms" tab.

(Nov 28, 2015)

The BDN Tournament entry blanks are available at the bowling centers.
Please enter soon to get your choice of dates and times.
Qualifying times are Dec 26 6:30 PM, 27 6:30 PM,and 28th 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM.
Semi-finals on Dec 29th @ 7:00 PM and the finals are on Dec 30th at 7:00 PM.

(Nov 27, 2015)

Diamond Lanes Open Tournament (Thanksgiving Tournament)Final results have been posted under Tournament menu.
Congratulations to Greg Hockmuth, winner in the Scratch Division, and Dan Metz, winner in the Handicap Division.

(Oct 30, 2015)

The Schedule with dates and times have been posted on the Women's City Tournament and the City Open Tournament.
You can view them from the main menu under "Tournaments". The entry blanks will be posted soon.

(Oct 28, 2015)

The Fontana Chiropractic team in the LeVelle Open League on Oct 27, 2015, set a new city record for a 4 man team with 3031 on games of 914,
1057 (4th highest team game), and 1060 (2nd highest team game).Kyle Anderson 276, 289, 791, Ryan Griffin 788,
Trevor Williams 278, 279, 771, Todd Kjell 681.

(Oct 18, 2015)

Undated the Hall of Fame album and the Bowlers f the Year.

(March 25, 2015)

The City Records and Full Honor Scores listings have been posted online. Look under the "Miscellaneous" tab and the "Honors" or "City Records".

(March 18, 2015)

This a an article as to the benefits on certifying your league and/or yourself. It is a bit long but we hope that you will understand what you get for your membership dues.

Why do we certify?

(March 11, 2015)

A new page was created that links our site to the WI State Websites and the Midwest Tournament site.
The tournament links have been moved to these sites and not on the drop down menu.

(March 6, 2015)

The 2015 Women's City Tournament standings are final and the Payouts are listed after a revision was made to the payouts.

(February 27, 2015)

The 2015 Open City Tournament standings is now final. The payouts have been completed and posted on the "Leader" page.
The checks will be handed out starting today. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to everyone that entered.

(February 18, 2015)

The City Records page has been updated. It is listed under the "Miscellaneous" tab.

(February 10, 2015)

Our condolences go out to the Ruth Francis, Hall of Famer 1993, family. Her photo and obituary has been posted on the remembrance page.

(February 9, 2015, 6:00 AM)

The Open City Tournament Team Event from the 1st week has been posted on the tournament page along with the All-Events Leaders.

(January 1, 2015, 9:30 AM)

The BDN/Culvers Holiday Tournament results from the
semi-finals and finals, plus the payout listing have been posted.

(Updated December 29, 9:00 AM)

The BDN/Culvers Holiday Tournament results from the qualifying have been posted. Now you can see the entire worksheet with all scores and totals on the same page.
The top 24 in the Scratch Division, the top 18 in the Open Handicap Division
and the top 6 in the Open HDCP Senior Division advanced to the semis.

(Updated December 26)

The BDN/Culvers Holiday Tournament early entries have been added to the "BDN Entries" tab. Squads 1 & 2 are nearly full so get your entries in as soon as possible. Entries close at 6:00 PM Sunday, Dec 28.

(December 9)

The 2015 Women's City Entry Blank and Rules have been posted under the "Forms" tab.
The form also includes the date of the Women's Spring Meeting and Tournament Awards date.

(December 9)

The 2014 Women's 600 & 500 Clubs Tournament payouts are final and posted under the "Tournament" tab.

(December 3)

The 2014 DL Christmas Eve Tournament entry blank and rules have been post under the "Forms" tab.

(November 28)

The full honor score listing has been updated and posted online.

2014 BDN Holiday Tournament
Click on image for a larger view.

Entry Blank

BDN Sponsors

(November 25)

The supporting sponsors listing has been posted. To see The Supporting Sponsors of the BDN Holiday Tournament look under the
"Tournament" tab and then "BDN Holiday Entries" page and the BDN Holiday Results" page.

(November 21)

The 2015 City Open Tournament entry blank and revised rules have been posted under the "Forms" tab.
We have revised the Divisions to be only 2 and changed the Instant Cash Back format. Be sure to print out both the entry blank and the rules sheet.

(November 4)

A photo album has been added from the 2014 Hall of Fame banquet. Check under the "Hall of Fame" tab and then "2014 Hall Banquet. Photos are from families contributions.

(November 2)

The latest hall of famers photos and bios have been added to the Hall of Fame album. We had another successful banquet on November 1 with all the honors to the youth, men's and women's bowlers of the year plus other honors followed by the induction ceremony for the Sponsor of the Year, The Mouse, and bowlers Dennis Wichelt, Gary Drye, and Mark Peterson.

(October 14)

The 46th Annual Greater Beloit Bowling Hall of Fame and Bowler Recognition Banquet will be held on November 1st
at White Bear Bar and Grill (formerly Jaks) on South Park Ave, South Beloit, IL. Cocktails at 5:30 PM, Dinner at 6:30 PM.
Inductees are Gary Drye, Mark Peterson and Dennis (Big D) Wichelt. The dinner tickets are $20 each and can be purchased from DL, VL
and any GBBC board of director. There are also raffle tickets available from them.

(October 4)

Lorrie Harrison's obituary has been added to the "Remembrance" page.

(August 29)

Just letting everyone know that we have a lot of older final average books that we can give away on a first come first served basis.
They are dated from 2002 through 2013. Let Gary Garbe know if you are interested.
We will not mail them out so just let him know where he can take them to so he can get them to you.

(August 26)

The 2013-14 Bowlers of the Year for the men has been posted under the "Bowler of the Year".
There is also the complete bowler points listings there by average divisions.
Click on "Criteria" on the Bowler of the Year page.

(July 28)

Click on the Viking Lanes Logo for information on the upcoming bowling leagues and season.

(July 28)

Click on the Diamond Lanes Logo for information on the upcoming bowling leagues and season.

(July 26)

Attention all bowlers, men & women in the Beloit area. The fall season is fast approaching.
The Beloit Women's BA fall meeting is Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at the VFW Club on Afton Road at 7:00 PM.
The Beloit Men's BA Fall meeting will be August 7, 2014 At Mustang's Bar & Grill on Gardner St in South Beloit at 6:30 PM.
Stop in and voice your opinions and ideas. The Secretary kits should be ready for pick-up.

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