Hall of Famers
Hall of Famers
These are all the photos that I have. Some of them were scanned from newspaper articles. If you have a photo of someone that is missing or is of poor quality, please contact me so that I can add or replace the photo.
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*John Davis<br> 1970
*John Davis
Inducted for his Performance.

John won 6 BDN Merchants Holiday Tournament titles. His first was in 1928 followed by five consecutive tittles from 1935-39 with the highest total pin fall of 4417 (record until 1973). He won six City Tournament Championships. In 1939 and 1949 he was a member of the world champion Milwaukee Heil team. He was labeled as the "best bowler" in Beloit of his time. He had a high series of 796 prior to 1941 when he left bowling.