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by Isabelle Barton

A mountain great loomed up ahead,
So tall, so steep, so high,
And in despair and feeble faith
I to the Lord did cry.

"Lord please remove that mountain
For I'm too weak to climb."
He answered gently, "Lean on me,
I'll give you strength to climb."

So in my daily walk below
With mountains high and valleys low,
I'll place my hand in His great hand
And strength from Him to me will flow.

In valleys low He'll always be
There by my side to comfort me.
Up mountains steep and high and wide, 
He'll hold my hand, walk by my side.

So don't remove that mountain Lord
But give me strength to climb,
And I shall reach the highest peak
With my hand safe in Thine.


Composed by Isabelle Barton
May 9, 1980.
I was inspired to write this poem after
receiving a Medallion from Dinny Baker
(my sister-in-law), with the words "Don't
remove the mountain Lord" inscribed on it.