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"Because Of Our Love For You"
Julie Anne Johnson
Born December 23, 1970
Died August 12, 1992

It doesn't seem as though it's been three years,
You couldn't have known all the heartaches and tears

That would be left behind when you left us that day,
To be with your friends you went on your way.

Never to return to us evermore,
God only knows the pain we have bore.

We will never cease to grieve and to mourn,
Knowing you will never be coming back home.

In our hearts we hold your memory fast
As we recall your face and remembrances of the past.

We will never forget you, we loved you so much,
Your winning ways, your sweet loving touch.

Composed by Isabelle Barton (Julie's grandmother)
And Bonnie (Barton) Johnson Skaggs (Julie's mother)
July, 1995

Placed in the Moline Dispatch and the Quad City Times, on August 12, 1995. In remembrance of the third anniversary of Julie's death.

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