Welcome to the BAWF

This is officially the most kick A$$ internet federation in the world. This is the Bad A$$ Wrestling Federation. I now have a Vice Prez. I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW WRESTLERS FROM NEW USERS. For those of you who have emailed me, if your name and wrestler are not on the page by monday then you haven't been accepted you will need to wait then. I will be going throughout the web to find the baddest men on the planet to form the badest fed on the planet. So until I get enough wrestlers you're just out of luck for right now. I have done a little rule changing so now every user can make up to 3 wrestlers. This fed uses a message board not email, a message board makes everything alot easier for everyone. To set up matches and to roleplay you go here.
BAWF Message Board

Wednesday Night Wargames
Saturday Night Stampede

Email: bawf_prez@hotmail.com