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Home of the Balconywatchers

We are not actually a car club but of course we are very good friend and I think Kenny Bowling said it best "WE ARE FAMILY NOT A CAR CLUB" We have been around for many years picking up a few people and cars from time to time but also losing a couple ofvery important one' too. It is so hard to believe that Brenda (one of our so called instigators) has been gone for almost 10 years and Vic has been gone for over everyone know the saying goes gone but never forgotten!!!! As you go threw the pages you will see pictures of everyone's cars and a few pictures of things that have gone on over the years .....also you will find pictures of Miss Balconywatcher which appears on our Christmas cards. Every year we use some one else's car and MAYBE a different model! So sit back and get ready to smile because if you came here your looking for a smile your going to get one!!!

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