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My Toy Box

Welcome to my toy box, the place where I keep my most prized childhood memories. As you click on each link, you will get to visit a small piece of my collections. So, stay a while and enjoy!

The first present I opened on my 3rd birthday was a bright, beautiful Care Bear. Here it is 15 years later and I still have that Care Bear, plus many more. I would like to share the joy of having a Care Bear with you all out there too, so I will soon be opening a Care Bear Trading Post right here. But for now, I will just have a featured Care Bear of the Month so you can get to know them one by one first.

Another fond memory I have is getting up at 7:00 each Saturday morning and turning on the cartoons. One of those cartoons which I so dearly enjoyed was "My Little Pony". I only had one My Little Pony named "Firefly" when I was three, but now that I have rediscovered them, I have quite a few more. I would like to introduce them to you one by one as well. Here's the My Little Pony of the Month.

Who's that silly, willy, nilly bear (as the song says) that everyone loves? It's Winnie the Pooh! I don't have any Pooh toys, except for the ones McDonald's just came out with, but I wanted to feature him on my toys page because he is one of my favorite cartoon characters. I watched Winnie the Pooh and his friends as a child, so he still fits with my "Memory Lane" theme :)

I hope you've enjoyed a small trip down memory lane. Please come back soon because you'll never know what I'll be collecting next! :)