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Who is the one who believes the most exciting part of the day is breakfast? Who is the one whose only problem is eating too much honey (hunny) and getting stuck in Rabbit's "doorway"? Who is the one who could stare at a pretty rainbow or a gathering of butterflies for hours on end? The answer is Winnie the Pooh. This gentle Bear and his friends that we've all come to know and love are the focus of this page. Even though I do not really collect Winnie the Pooh toys, I still wanted to feature him as one of my favorite cartoons. My purpose on this page is to let you get to know the gentle side of each character. If only everyone could act more like Pooh and his friends, I don't believe there would be any problems in the world :)

First is the star of the show; Winnie the Pooh. He and his friends live in 100 Acre Woods. Pooh comes across as not the brightest bear, but I believe he just thinks to hard about many things. His giant heart makes up for any intelligence he might be lacking, though. I don't believe there's another bear out there who's as patient, calm, and giving as Pooh.

Christopher Robin's sweet imagination is where all of the animals in 100 Acre Woods came from in the first place. Whenever he has problems, or just wants someone to play with, he goes to the woods to visit them. His favorite friend is definitely Winnie the Pooh.

Tigger is pretty much the opposite of Pooh as far as calm goes. He is constantly bouncing, and trouncing, and flouncing and pouncing (as his song says) :) He is such a good friend too everyone, especially Pooh and Little Roo. The animals of 100 Acre Woods Know that they will always have lively gatherings if Tigger is around!

Eeyore is one sad donkey. He just can't seem to find the good in things most of the time. But, when he does feel like something is going good he calls it a "funny feeling." I think that means he really does like feeling happy :)

Piglet is a major worry-wart. He and Eeyore are quite a combination. Piglet worries over Eeyore's sadness and Eeyore is sad because of Piglet's worrying. They're still good friends, though. Even though Piglet hurries around a lot, he always has time for a heart to heart talk with any of his friends.

Rabbit is kind of the boss of the show. He would love things to go his way and in his order all of the time. But, with Tigger around, this most of the time doesn't happen. Luckily, he doesn't get too bent out of shape, but he ensures that there will not be way too much chaos in 100 Acre Woods :)

Owl is the know-it-all of 100 Acre Woods. Pooh claims that because he can spell "Tuesday" he is very smart indeed. But, often times, owl ends up making up half of the stuff he claims to know. At least he tries :)

Kanga and Little Roo are a loving mother and son. Kanga always wants to make sure Little Roo is safe, but allows him to have fun collecting fir cones with Tigger. You can find a little biography on Little Roo along with many pictures of him if you click on the picuture of Kanga and Little Roo. Roo is my favorite character in 100 Acre Woods, so I had to make a special tribute to him :)

And last, but not least, is Gopher. He seems to be kind of the "grandpa" figure on the show. He is a rickety old gopher who always whistles when he talks :) He often adds quite a bit of humor to the show :)

Thank you for taking a look at my Pooh page. I know there are many Pooh Fans online right now who are all looking for links to other Pooh pages, so I will try to get a list of Pooh links on here so you can travel all over the web visiting this wonderful character!