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Stephanie's Commorancy :)

Hi there.'s a big word I know. I had to use a thesaurus to come up with it. It just means "home", so make yourself at home ;) I've got everything covered here...books, music, you name it. Sort of like an online Barnes and Noble, only you'll leave here with all of your money in your wallet. So, enjoy!

Yeah and I worked for this you see what I had to put up with?


Have you gone to see the Haygood Family in their third season out on the strip in Branson? Alright, maybe you should know a little about them before you go see them; I've got all your info on the performers of The Haygood Family Variety Show here!

I am a HUGE jazz fan as well. Jazz is kind of an obscure art that most people like, but don't know it. So I thought I'd introduce you to some of the standards, one by one. Unfortunately I have kept the same song on this page since I came up with this idea. But hey, if you're here for the first time you won't know the difference. Go check out my featured jazz standard. I think you'll like it.


Come, enjoy my books while sitting in comfy chairs and sipping all too expensive cocoa grandes...ok you'll have to take care of the chair and cocoa part, but here's my suggestions for some books I think you'll enjoy. Call it "Stephanie's Book Club" if you like; I think it beats the socks off "Oprah's Book Club" any day...


(This is where I ramble on about those things that have become central preoccupations of my own, for the time being anyway.)

Have you watched the Harry Potter movies? Yeah, yeah, so the special effects are out of this world and the sets are amazing, but the reason to see this movie is Sean Biggerstaff

Justin Timberlake? ehhh. Nick Carter? nah. Josh Groban? Now there's talent! You can listen to his entire collection of released CDs here.

Here's a page all about me. It has a list of some of my favorite things, and some other stuff I am sure you're dying to know about me :)

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I wanna hear from ya!

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and Remember...A world without laughter would be like a teapot without a spout. Or a handle. Or a lid. It would be silly and useless, in other words, and when you tried to warm it up it would explode. -- Mr Bean. :)

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