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The Haygood Family is Dynamite!

The Haygood Family is a very multi-talented family who performs in Branson, Missouri. As of May 2002 you can catch them performing in their very own theater on the strip! The Family is made up of 7 boys and 1 girl. Their names are (in order of age): Timothy, Patrick, Dominic, Shawn, Michael, Matthew, Catherine, and Aaron. They had a newsletter that you receive when you join their fan club, however due to their hectic schedule in preparing for their move to the strip, they've decided to halt production on their quarterly newsletter for the time being. At the bottom of the screen I have listed their fan club contacts, in case they decide to start up the newsletter again.

Now for a little history: They are originally from San Antonio, TX, but in June of 1993, they got a call from Silver Dollar City to come perform. They performed there until the end of the Christmas season in 2001. Now of course they've moved up to the bigger and better life on the strip.

Now, I bet you'd like to get to know the family, right? Well, your wish has come true--here's a mini-bio of each member :)

Timothy Britten Haygood

Age: 25

Birthday: April 6, 1977

Favorite Color: blue/purple

Talents and Such: He began playing the violin at age 6 and has been playing and progressing ever since. I guess he is kind of responsible for starting the violin thing in their family :) He plays the mandolin and acoustic guitar, and the marching bells very well. Also, he sings and dances with his brothers wonderfully. On February 17, 2001, Tim became the first Haygood brother to get himself hitched. His wife's name is Cassandre Faimon Haygood.

Patrick Dunn Haygood

Age: 22

Birthday: February 20, 1980

Favorite Color: dark blue

Talents and Such: He sings and dances with his brothers quite nicely. His unique talents are playing the piano, the electric keyboard (organ), and percussion--mainly the drum set which he does an awesome job at. He played the recorder in the 1998 Christmas Show and played the snare drum in this past season's summer and Christmas shows. He does a great job at all that he does.

Dominic James Haygood

Age: 20

Birthday: February 7, 1982

Favorite Color: blue

Talents and Such: He and Tim frequently have violin solos, and in the 2000 summer show, he had a vocal solo in which he sang "In Christ Alone". In the 1999-2001 Christmas Shows at Silver Dollar City, he became known for his trademark song "Mary Did You Know" as he received a standing ovation nearly every time. He is also a very energetic and gymnastic capable boy! Along with singing, dancing, and playing the violin with his brothers, he also plays the alto saxophone. He played the cymbals and recorder in the 1998 Christmas show, and played the marching tri-toms in this past season's summer and Christmas shows too (which I think is especially cool since I played the marching quads) :)

Shawn Paul Haygood

Age: 18

Birthday: April 27, 1984

Favorite Color: blue or red

Talents and Such: He, like Dominic, is very gymnastic capable! Along with playing the violin, singing, and dancing, he does the drum set fantasctically! He has also played the snare drum for all shows since 1999. I think he enjoys keeping the beat for his brothers a lot :) Also, according to sources, Shawn is not only a talented performer, but also a talented student. He takes his work on and off stage very seriously and always does his best! :)

Michael Anthony Haygood

Age: 17

Birthday: August 7, 1985

Favorite Color: blue

Talents and Such: Michael has a very wide singing range. He plays the violin, sings, and dances right along with his brothers, and he has a couple of talents all his own. He plays the electric and acoustic guitars very, very well. In the 1999-2000 summer shows, he played the cymbals, and in the Christmas show, he played the bass drum. He's rhythmically talented, you could say :) He's right up there with his older brothers as far as his gymnastic abilities are concerned too!

Matthew Christian Haygood

Age: 14

Birthday: October 20, 1987

Favorite Color: blue

Talents and Such: Being the highest singer in the group and most often singing the melody, you could say that Matthew is the lead singer. He had a solo in this past year's Christmas show in which he effectively portrayed the Little Drummer Boy. He does a real nice job keeping up with his older brothers; you wouldn't even know he was the youngest of the "main six"! I can tell that his most favorite instrument is his bass guitar which he excells in greatly. In 1999-2000, he also played the bass drum for the summer show.

Catherine Francis Haygood

Age: 11

Birthday: April 16, 1991

Talents and Such: As you guessed, she is the only girl of her family. She can handle her brothers, though! :) At her young age, she has really excelled at the violin. She also performed a piano solo and vocal solo to "Fascinatin' Rhythym" in the 2000 summer show, and did a super job at it! She debuted a new instrument in the 2000 Christmas show--the harp. She is amazing at the harp! With all of her musical and dancing talents, I can tell she'll be right up to speed with her brothers, shortly.

Aaron Simon Haygood

Age: 9

Birthday: March 21, 1993

Talents and Such: You've got to see him, he's so small and sweet :) He and his sister get cameo appearances throughout the duration of their show. Aaron always steals the spotlight. He is really the sweetie of the show :)

Now you know the basics about the Haygoods. I am also going to be putting up a gallery of a lot of the pictures I have taken of them at their shows (some of them are super, you won't want to miss this!) :) So, check back soon!

I really encourage you to check out their show at the Music City Theater, in Branson, MO. There's so many other features they have that can't be written about; you will just have to see them yourselves!

The Haygood Family Fan Club

5 Northwoods Drive

Kimberling City, MO 65686