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All About Me

Hi I'm Stephanie Breyer. Click on the flag banner below to see a picture of me. But only if you want to.

Here's the lowdown:

My Favorite Color: red. Not just any red. The red at a bottom of a clear glass that's full of rootbeer when you tip the glass at 45 degrees in respect to the light source. or green.

Favorite song: Currently "Next Year" by the Foo Fighters

Favorite Musical instrument to play: currently a tie between a penny whistle and the cello. heh.

Favorite Food: chimichangas

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cobbler from Cracker Barrel. decadent, I tell you

Favorite Day of the Week: Freitag! Pátek! Friday!

Favorite Hobby: there's several right now - teaching myself Czech, riding my bike, taking pictures, and planning vacations!

Favorite Holiday: The Fourth of July (I LOVE Fireworks!)

Favorite season: Spring!

Favorite Cartoon: Calvin and Hobbes

Favorite Sport to Play and Watch:

Favorite Movie: You've Got Mail

Favorite Vacationing Spot: St. Andrews, Scotland

Biggest Dream: To visit all 7 continents

Favorite Graphic: Phoenix

Favorite Letter:

Well, there's all of my favorites...I think. Let me know if I left something off that you might want to know :) Here's some other stuff about me. I am a 2000 graduate of Triad High School in Troy, Illinois. By the way, this part of Illinois is no where near Chicago (that's what everyone thinks when I say Illinois). Actually it's just about 20 minutes from St. Louis, Missouri.

I am currently a senior at SMSU in Springfield, Missouri and will be graduating in December! Yee's about time!

I am a geology major, and in May-July of 2003 I traveled to western Ireland with the Boston University field geology team where I studied the local structures for a period of 6 weeks. I'd better get some of those pics on here sometime, huh? I also travelled to Scotland for a Culture Studies course through JMU in June of this year and had a BLAST! I'm working on getting back to the British Isles again as fast as I can :)

Let's's kind of hard for me to remember what I do besides geology-related stuff anymore...oh yeah! I'm coming upon my fifth semester in the SMSU Island Breeze Steel Drum Band where I play the double bass pans (6 of the 55 gallon drums). We just got our pans tuned this January and will be coming out with a CD some time. Don't you know how cool I'll feel when I tell people...oh yeah, my band has a CD :) Oh and by the way, our steel band is available for gigs of any receptions, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, whatever! :) We played a wedding on August 9, 2003 and it was phenomenal. For more information write to Dr. C he's a cool guy!

That's all I can think of. Drop me a line, I'd like to hear from ya!