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Here's some info about us....

Aintree Avenue started in March of 1998, when Aidan met Neil somewhere... They talked and decided to get together and see what would happen. They did, and at that practice Neil met Mark who owns one of the nicest SG's ever. Songs were written, friendships were made and good times were had by all. That ended when Mark was diagnosed with mono, which basically means Aintree was on hold for 4-8 weeks. With all this time Aidan and Neil went on and recorded stuff but nothing really came of it... Aidan then joined Baxter and the focus was once again taken off of Aintree.... but with Mark mono-less and only 3 more months of summer.. it can be said that Aintree Avenue will be seen this fall.

Aidan is 21, but looks 17

Mark is 21, but looks 23

Neil is 19, but looks 19

we're planning on releasing a 7 inch in the fall or winter