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- A QUIZ -


  - Get a Piece of Paper & Jot Down Your Answers -  
(The CORRECT ANSWERS are on the Next Page:)

1) How far can a Skunk spray its musk?

2) Is feeding wildlife helpful to them?

3) What is the only Spider found in the U.S.
whose bite can produce life-threatening illness?

4) How often do Deer & Elk lose their antlers?

5) On a hot day,
would you be more likely to encounter
a Rattlesnake near water
or sunning itself on a rock?

6) What is the largest Rodent in North America?

7) Mosquitos are repelled by what color?

8) If a plastic bag or a tarp
is left behind in the wilderness,
how long will it last?

9) On a cool, dry day,
a hiker is weak, dizzy, very tired,
and has a headache.
S/He is likely to be suffering from what condition?

10) What does a ring around the sun or moon
generally foretell?

11) How can you estimate the distance
to a lightning storm?

12) What is alpenglow?

13) If your sleeping bag touches the inside walls
of your tent while you sleep, what will result?

14) Name the largest members of the Squirrel family.

15) When a Bear stands on its hind feet,
is it always in a threatening mood?

16) What is the name of the day
when the North Pole is tipped closest to the sun?

17) If mountain air becomes very clear
& smells fresh, is the weather likely to continue
fair or turn stormy?

18) How many stars can a person
with average eyesight see from an open space?

19) What do all of these animals have in common?
Prairie Dog, Porcupine, Beaver, Muskrat,
Squirrel, Gopher, Rat, Mouse, & Chipmunk?

20) Is the Bat a mammal?

21) What small mammal typically leaves tracks
with its hind feet, showing in front?

22) Which two (2) of the following animals
hibernate? Rabbit, Ground Squirrel, Porcupine,
Frog, Beaver, Mouse.

23) What is a Raptor?

24) Can you always tell a Rattlesnake's age
by counting the number of its rattles?

25) The Deer has a moist, hairless muzzle
which it frequently licks. Why?

26) What are the two (2) best times of day
to see wildlife?

27) Is it always safe to eat what animals eat?

28) On a clear night will you sleep warmer & drier
in a clearing or under trees?

29) When hiking in a group,
should the slowest person
walk in front of the line, or the back?

30) When hiking,
which provides longer-lasting energy:
candy or nuts?

31) What part of the body loses heat the fastest?

32) Plants growing on North & South facing slopes
of a hill may be very different. Why?

33) Mint plants have distinctive stems.
What shape are they?

34) Can the same plant be sometimes edible
& other times poisonous?

35) Where is the current faster,
on the inside or outside
of a river's bend?

36) Do morning frost, dew, & fog foretell
a stormy or a fair day?

37) If the air becomes warmer
between 9:00 p.m. and Midnight,
what will often follow?

38) The various parts
of one abundant, widespread marsh plant
can be eaten raw for salad, cooked as a vegetable,
made into flour, woven into baskets,
and used as tinder for starting fires,
& as emergency insulation. Name the plant!

39) Name the Fastest Animal on Earth.
How Fast Can it Go?

40) How Many Times a Second,
Does a Hummingbird Flap it's Wings?

41) Which 7-Planets of Our Solar System
Can You Observe in the Sky
Without the Help of a Telescope?