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Thank you everyone for your support. This web page is THE PLACE for news on DannyBoy and his singing career. The page will develop as more features become available. For those of you who regularly check back over then span of DannyBoy's career........ Boy are you in for an all access ride to the top!!!!!!

No Recent Updates (Sorry)

Sorry about the lack of updates but his career is not producing very much news. As soon as something happens I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks to all you faithfull DannyBoy fans who check here often...... I see you!!!!!!! -The Webmaster (ChiTownSounds)

The recent colaboration of DannyBoy and Crucial Conflict's, Wildstyle, produced a hot new song, "Troubled Man". The song was debuted on Chicago's #1 Urban Radio Station, WGCI, this week. "Troubled Man" was written by DannyBoy and was produced by Wildstyle. So Chicago, we need your help, let's make this song #1. Call WGCI right now at 591-WGCI (4424) and request, "Troubled Man"

The MP3 Section has been changed to "RealMedia", But If you'd still like to still recieve them in MP3 fromat, the link is in RealMedia section.

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