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Looking for a lot of great bargains???? 

I'm trying to find my storage room again and I've got to get rid of some of the stuff I've got hanging around. I've been selling stuff on the online auctions but this stuff doesn't seem to fit the categories they offer or they charge you more than you make on the item in listing fees, etc. Great places to BUY, not always the best to sell. I do like Haggle Online though...they let you list for free and my husband DOES sell some stuff there (mostly computer systems). But this is just stuff I need to get rid of so I can find the washing machine again!

Items added almost every day while I am cleaning out the back room folks...check back often!

Rules of sale:

  • All Items "as is" warranty expressed or implied
  • I'm NOT a business...just an individual who drags too much stuff home..
  • Payment by money order or cashier's check (I can't afford bad check charges and YOU get your stuff sent out the very next day.)
  • Shipment is via UPS or USPS depending upon which is cheaper
  • Shipping charges are ESTIMATED...may be slightly higher or lower depending on where you live
  • Item will be marked "Pending Sale" until payment is received.
  • First offer gets the "hold" of the item for (7) days. If no payment is received in this time and   no communication has been received, the item goes back on the sale block!
  • Send your "hold" for the items to:
  • Please list item number and name in your email
  • Instructions for sending payment will be sent via e-mail
  • Items with a are open for price bickering...of course, like any good garage sale, no reasonable offers will be refused on them!
  • Some items may also be listed for sale at other locations...first come first served!
  • Happy bargain hunting!!!



    More junk categories and listings coming!!!!!


    AC001 Bucilla Creative Needlecraft Crewel Embroidery Kit (unopened) Decorator Pillow, 16" knife Edge, Gold, #8505 Grande Poppy. Kit includes Stamped 100% Belgian Linen Pillow top and Back, Vel-Tex nylon piping, zipper for opening, 100% Virgin Wool colorful Crewel Yarn, Crewel Needle, and easy to follow instructions. Requires square pillow form 16" (NOT included) $4.00+ $2 s/h

    AC002 Paragon Needlecraft Creative Stitchery "Mushroom Forest" Pillow Kit #0433. Unopened. Gold, includes Stamped Linen to make complete 14"x14" Knife Edge pillow, cording, zipper, needle, embroidery yarn and easy to follow instructions and diagram. Pillow form not included. $4.00+ $2 s/h



    None at this time...have to sort them all out first!



    AR001 "Lifesize" Darrell Waltrip "TIDE" advertising store display (back when he was the Tide guy). In excellent conditions, stands over 5' "real" my cat was scared of it!! $50.00+$3 s/h

    AR002 "Support Your Local Figure Eight Racer" bumper stickers (I think I have about 50). If you're lucky enough to still have Figure 8 racing in your area, you should DEFINATELY have one of these stickers...they are vinyl and mine, now on my old dead truck for 7 years still looks great!! In basic black and white racing colors..$1.00+ .50 s/h

    AR003 "Checkered Flag" pins...little crossed racing flags...nothing high buck but real cute and kids really like them. Approximately 1" wide and 3/4 " tall, black and white painted on goldtone....little stockin' stuffers for your racers!! $1.00+ .50 s/h



    CB001 "The Official America Online for Macintosh Tour Guide" Second Edition, softbound, Version 2.5 (no software...but they give it away for the asking) 539 pages, cover kinda funky on the front (if you want to call someone named "Booker" his number got written on the cover...) but all pages intact and full of goodies! Sold for $19.95 new...$5.00+ $3 s/h

    CB002 "Brain Games for Kids and Adults Using the Commodore 64" by John Stephenson, in association with Softsync c. 1984, 207 pgs. Full of "type in" BASIC programs for the whole family to do; games, music, applications...learn 'em here!! $2.00+ $2 s/h

    CB003 "The Norton Anti-Virus Complete Virus Protection for Windows and Dos" Version 2.1 Users Manuals (Sorry, no software...I don't even have it)..Three softbound user guides, one for DOS, one for Windows and one for AntiVirus Network Manager. Like new!! $4.00+ $3 s/h

    CB004 "More than 32 Basic Programs for your Commodore 64" Computer" by Tom Rugg, Phil Feldman and Western Systems Group. Softbound, 328 pages. Originally sold for $19.95...I didn't count to see how many more than 32...$3.00+ $2.50 s/h

    CB005 "Users Guide: Aldus Datebook & Touchbook Pro Bundle" Softbound, no software, 314 pages...if you have the software, it looks like a great program..$2.00+ $2 s/h

    CB006 "A Tutorial Guide to Lotus 1-2-3, Release 2.2" Timothy J. O'Leary & Linda L. O'Leary, c. 1991, comes with 5 1/2" floppy tutorial diskette...Need to learn Lotus P-D-Q??? Book sort of "worn" but all pages are intact and not "loose"........................$3.00+ $2.50 s/h

    CB007 Same as CB003 except no Network book "The Norton Anti-Virus Complete Virus Protection for Windows and Dos" Version 2.1 Users Manuals (Sorry, no software...I don't even have it)..Two softbound user guides, one for DOS, one for Windows. Like new!! $3.00+ $2 s/h

    CB008 "Users Guide: PCBOARD, Professional Bulletin Board Software" Version 14.5 a/2 Registration Card, Serial Number and book but the software has vanished into cyberspace......... $3.00+ $2 s/h

    CB008 "Vic 20: Introduction to Basic: Part I Book only, no tapes $2.00+ $1.50 s/h



    GH001 "A Window on The Past": Residences of Jacksonville, Illinois: Their History and Design 1833-1925" by Philip H. Decker, Published in cooperation with the Morgan County Historical Society. Softbound, like new (except for "sticky" where price tag was). 141 pg. $5.00+ $2 s/h

    GH002 "A Picture Postcard History of New York's Broome County Area: Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, Oswego and surrounding communities" compiled by the Kiwanis Club of Binghamton, NY in cooperation with Vestal Press, 1985. Softbound (gives history of area using photographs from actual picture postcards of old-time Broome County buildings and life) Cover slightly creased but in almost new condition. $5.00+ $2 s/h

    GH003 "Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage Including War Time Supplement" by Emily Post, copyright 1942, hardbound, 913 pages, indexed. Cover has some "spots" but binding is good and pages firmly attached. Why under "Genealogy and History"?? Because this book will give you a great idea how things were done "back then" including special "manners" just for wartime. Also a great book for your kids who think they have it hard following the social dictates of the day...(grin) $6.00+ $3 s/h

    GH004 "Built In Milwaukee: An Architectural View of the City" prepared for The City of Milwaukee Wisconsin by Landscape Research, 1980, 1983 City of Milwaukee. Softbound, 218 pages, sold for $19.95 new, contains history, plat maps, LOTS of photos including many family photos with names and addresses, indexed. Some loose pages, but still a very nice book for Milwaukee research. $5.00+ $2 s/h

    GH005"US Army Company B, 3rd Battallion, 32nd Infantry Regiment "Yearbook" Ft. Benning Ga, (Graduates 9 Mar 1990)" History of Fort Benning Ga. and unit, photos of graduates and info on "Army Life". Color and black and white photos, Hardbound. Cover "spotty" $2.00+ $2 s/h

    GH006 "Once In A Hundred: Colorado Centennial" Final Report of the Colorado Centennial/Bicentennial Committee. Softbound brown cover with gold seal, slight damage to corner of cover, has breakdown of projects plus a small section on each County. Nice photos! $3.00+ $2 s/h

    GH007 "Historic Preservation in Small Towns: A Manual of Practice" 1980,American Association For State and Local History. Softbound, 146 pg indexed, A practical guide to preserving historic places and items for Small Towns. Ideal for historical or genealogical society libraries or those involved with historical preservation. Some "highlighted" lines in text, but in good condition. $3.00+ $2 s/h

    GH008 "Local Government Records: An Introduction to Their Management, Preservation and Use", H.G. Jones1985, American Association for State and Local History, Nashville. Softbound, 208 pgs. Including How to Establish a Records Management Program, Descriptive analysis of different types of records, researching using local government records, lots of illustrations,etc. $3.00+ $2 s/h

    GH009 "The Management of Small History Museums" by Carl E. Gunthe, 1959,1964, American Association for State and Local History, Nashville; 80 pg softbound, some cover damage and notes written on inside cover. Great guidelines for small historical or genealogical society museums. Chapters on documentation, display, preservation, etc. $2.00+ $1.50 s/h


    None at this time...have to sort them all out first!



    NF001 "Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung: SIEGFRIED" Adapted by Robert Lawrence, Illustrated by Alexandre Serebriakoff, c. 1938 for the Metropolitan Opera Guild. This is an OLD former school library book, junior high level, which tells the story of the aforementioned opera in plain language for children. BEAUTIFUL color illustrations, explanations of the opera and musical notations to explain where the each part of the story changes with the music. Hardbound with such wonderful drawings, etc. This needs to be with a family who has kids and wants them to enjoy opera...the story is written like a fairy tale....48 pages...its GREAT! $6.00+ $2 s/h

    NF002 "Like It Is: Facts and Feelings about Handicaps From Kids Who Know" by Barbara Adams, c. 1979, Hardbound, dust jacket; former library book. Contains chapters on Hearing and Speech Impairment, Visual Impairment, Orthopedic Handicaps, Developmental, Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders for kids and FROM kids...Includes the Universal Sign Language alphabet and more...96 pages, glossary of terms. $2.00+ $2 s/h

    NF003 "How To Make Love to A Man" by Alexandria Penney.c. 1981...maybe I should put this under "fiction" or "science fictions"......$2.00+ $2 s/h

    NF005"Kennedy"   Theodore Sorenson First Edition hardback



    None at this time...have to sort them all out first!



    CH001 Upgraded MAC SE Package! Mac SE with AE 68030 25mHz upgrade, 4 megs ram, 40 meg hard drive, keyboard, mouse,Imagewriter II Color Printer, manuals, 1 pair LABTECH MCS 150 Speakers specially adapted for the SE and a FREE mousepad!$190.00+ 20.00 s/h

    SOLD!!!CH002 AMIGA 500 PACKAGE!!

    CH003 IBM AT 80286 PACKAGE!!IBM AT 80286 with 1 meg ram, 40 meg hard drive, CGA Color Monitor, 3 1/2 and 5 1/4" disk drives and keyboard. Very good condition!$140.00+ 20.00 s/h




    CS001 Mach 5 FastLoad Cartridge for Commodore 64; in original box, comes with instruction booklet, and Diskette containing Basic Plus 4K (adds additional space to Basic Workspace) and Disk Organizer for categorizing your disk catalog! $10.00+ $2 s/h

    CS002 "Vic 20: Introduction to BASIC: Part I Contains teaching guide for learning BASIC programming and two tapes (datasette required, not included). In original box!$5.00+ $3 s/h

    CS003 "Vic 20: Introduction to BASIC: Part II Contains more teaching guides for learning BASIC programming. Tapes are missing. In original box!$3.00+ $3 s/h


    MS001 "E-Z Legal Forms: Subcontractor Agreement" Two unopened packages of 10 forms per package. List Price on these is $4.99 per pack...get $10 worth of forms cheap! $4.50+ $1.50 s/h


    None at this time...have to sort them all out and play them to make sure they work...don't sell BROKEN junk (unless it is MARKED broken junk...)


    More items and categories will be forthcoming as I unearth all sorts of lovely treasures from my storage room and under my stepson's bed....what's my bid for an unemployed red headed stepchild????(grin...just kidding...we do not sell humans here)..


    bargain hunters were here before you!!

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