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My Goldie

You are wondering by my title who Goldie is. No she is not a dog or one of my kids. We go together everywhere. Goldie is my 1993 Saturn SL. Yes...another different kind of car!
When my husband and I pulled into the Saturn of Peoria car lot, I knew I was going to get one of these cars. The experience is just like you see in the commercials. No one bothers you on the car lot or in the showroom. When we were ready to pick her(the car) up, they shinned her up and put her under bright lights. The family gathered around the car for pictures and a song. Then we all got in the car for the ride home.
Now you think thats it. Well, the years have proceeded with Birthday cards to Goldie from the company and phone calls from the dealers to check on how the car has been doing. They answer questions, and any little thing on the car that needs fixed(even if the kids did it) I would take Goldie to the Saturn garage for them to make it right. I even enjoyed the wait! I have a TV to watch, something to drink, people to talk to, and more Saturns to look at! Shortly after getting the car, my daughterStacey who is now 13, one day jumped in the car and asked "where is Goldie taking us now?" so that is how the car got a name.
It will be 5 yrs. this March of '98 and haven't had one bad experience yet!! I hope you enjoy my homepage about Goldie. I will have pictures, links to places the car has taken us, and hopfully, eventually, pictures and links to other people with a Saturn experience. THANKS for stopping by! ;-)

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Can YOU guess?
Can you guess what the milage is on my car? You might be surprised. If you can guess, Email me, and the person with the closest guess, I'll send a Saturn T-shirt.

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