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Lake County Coalition for the Education of its Citizens

The Lake County Coalition for the Education of its Citizens, or LCCEC, Inc., is composed of a group of citizens of Lake County who care about their neighbors. Because of mutual concerns, LCCEC board members have joined forces to try to make others aware of and solicit their support to realize some improvements in the relationship of our citizens with their local governmental agencies, which includes the schools, city governments, and police departments.

LCCEC, Inc., is especially interersted in the safety and education of our community's children of all ages, and their families.

In every news medium...the newspapers, television and on the radio, people are talking about the alarming number of youthful offenders incarcerated in our local and county jails, state and federal prisons for non-violent offenses. A particular interest has grown as a result of the fact so many of these youthful offenders are young men of Hispanic and African American heritage.

LCCEC, Inc., is concerned about these issues as they relate to Lake County. We have heard numerous accounts of male minorities being stopped for no apparent reason, issued citations, arrested, abused or mistreated during an arrest situation right here in Lake County. There are also an alarming number of young minority males being sent to the Department of Corrections (IL state prison) for non-violent crimes, while rapists are being released. LCCEC will address this issue with our police departments or judicial system.

Remember when gangs were a problem only associated with the minority community? City governments denied their communities had a problem with gangs, because it was contained within the minority neighborhoods. Because of the denials, nothing was done to curb gang crime, which involves drug trafficking, shootings, graffiti, etc. Now the entire community is faced with the challenge of curbing gang violence and recruitment of our young people. Is this what we want to happen again? By ignoring the challenges facing the minority community, we will be condemming our communities to the same fate. More and more young people of all races and economic status are facing the possibility of incarceration.

Won't you help? Contact us via e-mail at the address at the bottom of the page. Check out the rest of our webpages for our efforts to promote positive local events through informative articles in our newsletter.

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