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Amme's Sexiest Men Internet Site

Hello Ladies (& maybe some Gents)!! Welcome to my 'Ode to Sexiness'. Now first off let me explain how I chose the men on this list. First I went for looks, if they were attractive and made me wanna drool then I put them on the list. Second I looked for skills. If they're a singer and they weren't all that attractive (to me) then I asked myself "Can he make you wanna throw yo' drawls up on stage with your number attached to them?" If they're an actor I went for acting ability. "Can this man act his way out of an ass-kicking contest with one leg?" If so, then they made the list.
You'll see that race was not a factor as this is ethnically diverse. HEY, Sexy is as Sexy does . . .and no buts (maybe butts) about it!!! You'll see that with some links I've put a rating symbol (tentative decision!). So without further ado I present to you

THE A-LIST ('A' for Amme :p )
Knock yourself out!