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Cindy's Magnificent Seven Fanfiction

This page was last updated on August 22,2000

Stories with a are a work in progress.

Haunted: JD is put on trial for a crime he didn't commit. How can the Seven help him if he won't help himself? This is set first season before The Collector


"Devil's Hand" needs a little explaination.:-) On the M7 fiction list one of the writers Mog created a wonderful alternate universe where the Seven are ATF agents in modern day Denver. That is the universe where DH is set.
If you would like to read more ATF stories visit the archive.

Devil's Hand--The Seven are about to gather at Buck's apartment for some much needed R&R when JD is aledgedly killed in a carbomb. Will the Seven learn the truth in time to save Buck from himself?

Devil's Hand

Snowbound: This story is set late first season. Sometime after The Collector. A fierce snowstorm catches the town of Four Corners completely off guard. Worse yet JD has disappeared somewhere between Blue Creek and Four Corners. Can the Seven get to him in time?


(Complete 5/5/00) Falsehoods--This story is my answer to Vin's past with a little JD/Casey storyline thrown in for good messure.:-) And since this is set late second season before the episode Penance the events of the episode Sins of the Past will have to be ignored.:-)

Falsehoods pt.1 Falsehoods pt.2 Falsehoods pt.3 Falsehoods pt.4 Falsehoods pt.5 Falsehoods pt.6 Falsehoods pt.7 Falsehoods pt.8 Falsehoods pt.9


Ghost Train--A Magnificent Seven ATF/Sentinel crossover. While Jim's on vacation Blair goes undercover....what could possibly go wrong?
Sentinel time line--this is set about six months after the series finale.

Ghost Train pt.1

Ghost Train pt.2

Ghost Train pt.3

Ghost Train pt.4

Ghost Train pt.5
Ghost Train pt.6

New! (8/10/00)Ghost Train pt.7
New! (8/22/00)Ghost Train pt.8
New! (8/22/00)Ghost Train pt.9

Short Stories

Spooky--This is a short silly Halloween story set in the ATF alternate universe

Midnight Waltz

Midnight Waltz--A short Chris and Mary story set sometime second season.

You had Me From Hello
JD/Casey future fic/song fic

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