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One Eyed Jacks . . .Twin Peaks/X-Files Cast Crossovers

> As well as being a huge Twin Peaks fan, I am also an avid fan of the Fox series The X-Files. It is very interesting to see all the actors who went from their roles on Twin Peaks to guest appearances or starring roles on The X-Files. Fans of both shows will also see many similarities in themes and humor between the two shows.

Although I do not in any way pretend to have complete knowledge of every cast member who crossed over, I have compiled a list of actors that is as complete as I am able to come up with. E-mail me if you find any missing!

1. David Duchovny . . .our favorite hero. On Twin Peaks he played Special Agent Dennis/Denise Bryson, Coop's cross-dressing FBI colleague(pictured above). Then he became the star of The X-Files, portraying lead male Special Agent Fox Mulder. Hmmmmm? Perhaps the FBI is in this actor's blood . . .

2. Don Davis, who played Major Briggs in Twin Peaks, guested on The X-Files as Dana's father, Capain William Scully. He appeard in episodes Beyond the Sea and One Breath.

3. Richard Beymer, Twin Peak's Benjamin Horne, played Dr. Jack Franklyn on The X-Files episode Sanguinarium.

4. Kenneth Welsh, the ever evil Windom Earle, played Millenium Man in The X-Files episode Revelations.

5. Michael J. Anderson, the Little Man From Another Place, played Mr. Nutt, a Trailer Park Landlord in The X-Files episode Humbug.

6. Claire Stansfield, who had a small role in Twin Peaks as Sid, played The Jersey Devil on The X-Files episode Jersey Devil.

7. Michael Horse, Deputy Hawk from Twin Peaks, played Sheriff Tskany on The X-Files episode Shapes. Another actor with Sheriff in his blood . . .

8. Jan D'Arcy was Sylvia Horne in Twin Peaks, and she appeared as Judge Kann in The X-Files episode Tooms.

9. Frances Bay, who played Mrs. Tremond in Twin Peaks, guest starred as Dorothy on The X-Files episode Excelsius Dei.

So . . .whether the truth can be found in the woods or in the sky . . .the truth is out there, and the owls are not what they seem.

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