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THE GREAT NORTHERN . . . Links to Other Twin Peaks Sites

Visit any of these other pages to discover more about Twin Peaks and it's creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost. If you have a link you'd like me to add to this page, e-mail me! I will be happy to add your page.
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Please visit The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer homepage. The webmaster is a friend of mine, Ivana Surjan, from my Yahoo Club, The Conference Room. It's a great page! Aside from quotes and poems from Laura's diary, Ivana has also included some great pictures, information about Laura, and a fun trivia game. It's a beautiful page, and well worth a visit! The page is in both Croatian and English.

The Dear Unknown's TWIN PEAKS Page

Twin Peak's Fan Festival
Laura's Diary--The Black Lodge
Map of the Town
Download Cooper's Tapes
Complete Episode Guide and FAQ
Twin Peaks and the Dysfunctional Family--Dr. Jacoby's private files.
Take a Trip to Snoqualmie (the real-life town where TP was filmed)
Under The Sycamore Trees (formerly Blue Rose's Site)
The Twin Peaks Humor Site
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