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THE LOG LADY'S CABIN . . . The Town of Twin Peaks

Like the Log Lady's "Log", we must keep our eyes and ears open at all times in Twin Peaks. By stopping into any of these places in town, we can learn more about who's who and what's what.

THE DOUBLE R. Owned by Norma Jennings, this small town coffee shop is often filled with people discussing daily life. The RR is also a favorite stop of Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

THE MARTELL MILL. Owned by Josie Packard, and left to her by her late husband Andrew, this sawmill employs many of the locals. Many secrets regarding Catherine Martell, Josie, Ben Horne, Leo Johnson, and Hank Jennings are also kept within its walls.

THE GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL. Owned by Benjamin Horne, this is the site for many "deals" concerning his Ghostwood development project. Agent Cooper stays in Room 315. We can also discover many secrets from within Audrey Horne's secret passageway.

BIG ED'S SERVICE STATION. Owned by Ed Hurley, many of the locals get their gas and service here.

HORNE'S DEPARTMENT STORE. Also owned by Benjamin Horne, we discover some seedy secrets about the girls hired by Emery to work at the perfume counter.

ONE-EYED JACK'S. Also owned by Benjamin Horne, this is a casino where the girls who work there carry out double duties. It is located not in Twin Peaks, but just across the border in Canada. Cooper foils Jaques Renault undercover here.

LEO'S CABIN. "Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air."

THE PALMER HOME. Through the eyes of Leland, Sarah, and Maddy we are given many "visions" about Laura and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death.

CALHOUN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. This is the first place Agent Cooper visits, to see Ronette Pulaski and to examine Laura's body. It is also where he meets Mike Gerard, the One-Armed man. Several townspeople find themselves patients or visitors here.

TWIN PEAKS HIGH SCHOOL. This is where Donna, James, Mike, Audrey, and Bobby find out about Laura's death. Many conversations take place here.

THE GHOSTWOOD FOREST. Here is where James and Laura pledge their love, Bobby and Mike meet Leo, and many other strange happenings take place. "Dark, laughing, the owls were flying . . .many things were blocked. Laughing . . .2 men, 2 girls. Flashlights passed by in the woods over the bridge. The owls were near. The dark was pressing in on her. Quiet then. Later footsteps. One man passed by. Screams . . . far away . . . terrible, terrible . . . one voice . . . girl . . . further up, over the ridge. The owls were silent." In the last episode of TP, this is where the gateway is found, and where Windom, Annie, and Cooper enter the Waiting Room.

THE HAYWARD HOME. Here we see meetings between Donna, James, and Maddy take place. We also see the famous dinner between the Palmers and the Haywards. "Forget your troubles and just get happy, you gotta pack all your cares away!"

LUCY MORAN'S HOME. We can see the relationship between Lucy and Andy at its best here.

THE TWIN PEAKS SHERIFF STATION. Here we find out many of the details regarding the crimes taking place in Twin Peaks.

THE JOHNSON HOME. Leo and Shelly have their share of "problems" here. Bobby also spends much of his time here with Shelly.

THE HURLEY HOME. Since James's father deserted him and his mother is an alcoholic, he lives here much of the time with Ed and Nadine. Nadine can be seen quite often indulging in very peculiar activities.

DR. JACOBY'S HOME/OFFICE. Not only can we see people meeting with Dr. Jacoby here, we can also see his odd behaviorisms giving clues to the mystery.

THE BLACK LODGE/THE WHITE LODGE/THE WAITING ROOM. All of these places are interconnected. Some say that the Black and White Lodge are one and the same, depending on each person's frame of mind when they enter. Still others say that the Waiting Room is a sort of purgatory between the Black Lodge (where evil thrives) and the White Lodge (a Heaven of sorts). This theory seems to be more acurate to me, since Agent Cooper's good half is able to allow Laura Palmer to enter the White Lodge in FWWM, while his bad half remains in TP. However, the answer cannot be clear, since Lynch himself really didn't know for sure. He said, " Everyone wants to know, what the "red room" in "Twin Peaks" stands for, which also appears in the movie again. I don't know that exactly myself. I can remember well, when I had this idea, but I don't know why. Looking at it from a rational point of view, I know I have used a similar pattern like that on the floor in "Eraserhead" before. Everything else, however, was a pure matter of inspiration: the red curtains, the stylized design, the dancing dwarf. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't describe what they mean, for intuition is irrational. The difference between reality and fantasy has never been clear to me anyway. I'll probably be very surprised, when I find out, what it really is, some day."

HAROLD SMITH'S APARTMENT. Through the eyes of Donna, and later in FWWM through Laura's eyes, we are able to gain much information about the circumstances surrounding Laura's death. Laura's "Secret Diary" is also found here.

THE ROADHOUSE. This is where bikers go to hang out, drink, and see Julee Cruise sing. This is also where Ed discovered Jacques Renault's part in the drug running taking place in Twin Peaks. Laura and Ronette had some dealings here as well.

THE LOG LADY'S CABIN. This is where we first discover there's a third man involved with Laura on the night of her death. From here, the Log Lady's "Log" sees many, many secrets.

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