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Al-Ain Rotana Hotel - May 09, 2002

After the large success of the 1st Colloquium held at the American University of Sharjah in 2000, we are happy to announce the organization of the 2nd Colloquium which will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates University.

This 1-day colloquium is intended for astronomers (both professional and amateurs) in the Gulf region to come and share their experience with others. It covers a wide range of topics (Observational, Theoretical, Radio, High Energy, Modeling, Data Analyses, Observatories, Planetariums, etc).

The Colloquium will consist of three sessions:

  • Morning Session (9 am to 12:00 pm) : Professional Astronomy
  • Afternoon Session (1:30 pm to 5:30 pm): Observatories and Planetariums
  • Stargazing Session (After Dinner)

Participants are welcome to attend all sessions. English will be the working language for the morning session. Both English and Arabic will be used (with translation provided) in the afternoon session.

Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Abd-Al-Rahman al-Sharhan, Dean of Faculty of Science (UAE)
  • Prof. Radi al-Jishi, Chairman of Physics Dept. (UAE)
  • Prof. Hamid al-Naimiy, Astrophysicist, UAE University, Al-Ain
  • Dr. Nidhal Guessoum, Astrophysicist, CAS/AUS, Sharjah
  • Dr. Walid Azzam, Astrophysicist, UAE University, Al-Ain
  • Dr. Ilias Fernini, Astrophysicist, UAE University, Al-Ain
  • Mr. Jumaa O. Ahmed, Secretary of Physics Dept., UAE

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