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Special Order

Welcome to the Official Special Order Homepage

Special Order, is an unsigned band from the outskirts of Woodridge Illinois, we are a four piece band with a ton of energy and liking for fast intense hard rock. We sound like a mix between Rage Against the Machine, Local H, Silverchair, and Nirvana. With a unique style of our own. We have just recorded our 6 song E.P. entitled "Dont judge a band by their shirts" which is available on cd. We are always looking for places to play, and are willing to do anything in order to put on an intense show that you will never forget. Chris, guitar,and vocals sets of a strong powerful impression that you will hear ringing in your ears hours after the show. Phil, lead guitar and backing vocals adds great licks to every song, and keeps the crowd moving with his craziness on stage. Guido is the most intense drummer around, a broken stick after every song and a pile of sawdust around him reminds the crownd to watch out for hard fast beats and flying drumsticks. Stan, bass, adds to every song, with unique catchy bass licks, his goofyness will keep the crowds gasping for more. This band has tons of potential and are totally serious in what they do.


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