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What do you do on the average day?  Here's a probable scenario. You wake up in the morning to an alarm clock, and probably hit the snooze button once or twice to get those extra few minutes sleep. It doesn't seem like much, but those extra ten or twenty minutes sure feel good. You make your way to your bathroom, and prepare yourself for your day. The clock ticks by, and perhaps there is time for a bit of breakfast. But, your time is limited, and you leave your home on your way to work or school.  Don't forget to lock the door! Then, after hours of tiresome effort, you come home to your home, tired, and relax, perhaps watching some television to get your mind off of the world, or read a book. But, the day finally comes to a close as you soon fall asleep, ready to repeat the process again tomorrow, like any normal day.

Not anymore.

Enter the world of Witchcraft, the modern-horror RPG from Myrmidon Press. Supernatural predators prowl the urban streets, men of God struggle for order, and mind-warped sorcerors summon beasts whose true name would "burst the eardrums and liquefy the brains" of mere mortals. Portray the role of the Gifted, the catch-all term for the likes of powerful psychics, necromancers, sentinels of light, and magic users, or the Baast, an ancient spcies of intelligent felines. Or, if you would like something a bit more down-to-earth, Witchcraft includes rules to make mundane characters as well, who you can guide to unravel (or even merely survive) in this dangerous place where magic is real, and those monsters you thought were under your bed as a child might get you while you sleep... All this, while utilizing the revolutionary Unisystem, a dynamic rules system designed to run with dice, playing cards, or even diceless. A great Reckoning draws near. The Age of Innocence is over... Now what are you going to do about it?

WitchCraft Character Sheet

IT'S OUT!!!!!!

Witchcraft: Mystery Codex

The Myster Codex adds to the universe of Witchcraft by shedding light some of the many secrets of the world. In this book you will find more information about the Covenants, new Invocations and Gifted powers, new supernatural threats, and more, from Eden Studios.

New Covenants

New Possibilities for Characters

Written by C.J. Carella
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