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Lauren's Hanson Homepage

(and Courtney and Jadsea's homepage too)

Hello! It's almost "the most wonderful time of the year"! Yep, Christmas is right around the corner! And I can't wait! But anyway, for those of you that don't know (or if the web page title isn't obvoius enough for you..) this is a Hanson web site. Hanson rocks, and anyone with differing opionions should probably press the "back" button on their servers and get the hell outta here before something bad happens. (j/k!) Hehehe... but anyway, we have pics, pics, and more pics, three terrific stories (one with a sequel) and a bunch of other fun crap. So scroll on, Hanson lover, and indulge yourself.
Lauren, Jadsea & Courtney

Hi everybody! I don't how many ppl that "everybody" includes anymore... well, all 5 of you, this is Courtney (hi) and I'm doing some renovations on this web site. The three of us (Lauren, Jadsea and I) have pretty much neglecting this site.... we haven't updated for over 5 months now. And for that, I am truly sorry. You see, we are all in high school, I'm a freshman, and Lauren's a sophomore (not sure about Jadsea) but we all have a lot of school-related responiblilties, so there's not much time 4 updating.... but I'm doing all I can right now w/o Lauren's consent, since it is HER page, so if anyone's still out there viewing, tell a friend or two, and get us back out there again.... K?

Guess what ppl! I was out of town on Friday and me, (being the retard I am) 4got 2 set my tape to tape Hanson on Live from the 10 Spot!!! Its sux soooo bad, but my friend taped it so I can borrow it from her, but I sooo wanted 2 win the back stae pass meet Hanson thingy!!! Damn it!! Oh well. Maybe next time. If NEof U ppl know someone or are the someone that won these passes, let me know. Hy! U could take me! hehe j/k Well, I gotta jet. Peace-Out---Lauren

Hi, my name is Jadsea!! Lauren is my best friend, so I thought I'd help her out every once in awhile on her page. I just do things like fix typos, delete pics that don't work, etc. Basicly, I do a whole bunch of little things here and there, and well, I know I said you probably wouldn't hear too much from me, I guess I'll be doing a lot more since Messina left. Anyway, if you have ANY questions, suggestions, or complaints about the page, mail me at, or IM me with my screen name jadsea514, cause Lauren will have enough to deal with all your Hanson questions. Speaking of which, it'd probably be best to mail Lauren or Courtney with Hanson questions, cause they're the experts. Thanx & enjoy!! -*JaDsEa*

Hey Everybody! :) This is Courtney. I'm the newest co-author of this page. Hope ya like it! You might know me from the "Hanson Stories & Poems" page. (Ya know, "Courtney's story") NEways, if you have any questions, comments, or complaints about our webpage and you don't feel like e-mailing Lauren or Jadsea, you can e-mail me! Okay, really though, email me at: K? And now back to the page! By the way.... if you have any desire to find out more about me...
Click here... Buh-bye! ;)

Guess what? I got an interesting piece of info 4 u. Hanosn's NEW video for "River" will be a take-off from Titanic. It stars the Old lady from the movie and she is showing this one guy her wall covered in Hanson posters. Another scene is when she is shown the picture that Jack drew of her and there is an "I Love Hanson" tatoo on her arm. It'll be cool. It'll be released soon so watch out for that!! :o)

Hanson on SNL

Cool pic, huh? Hey guys! You're swimming in kool-aid!

Hanson is a R&B/Pop band that is made up of 3 brothers from Tulsa. Their names are: Clarke Isaac Hanson-17 (guitar and vocals), Jordan Taylor Hanson-14 (keyboard, congas, and vocals) and Zachary Walker Hanson-12 (drums and vocals). Their album, Middle of Nowhere, has sold over 2 million copies. But, it is not their first album. They have had 2 other locally released albums called Boomerang and MMMBop. Their single from MON, MMMBop, is #1 from Ireland to Australia. Pretty amazing, huh? They now have released their second single from Middle of Nowhere. It is called Where's the Love. (My personal fav.) The video is AWESOME!! The third single, I Will Come to You, just came out a little while ago. It is VERY cool. Go to the "Pic Gallery" to see pics from all three of these videos. Also, a never-before-heard-single called Cried will be released w/the I Will Come to You singles. Now, there's the 4th single from the MON album, Weird. Then is Tinking of You, released only in some other foreign countries(don't know WHY!!!) and then Rivers, which probably won't do too well.

Hanson, Hanson, and more Hanson!!!

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This page last updated: June 4th, 1998, 4:54 PM CST

The IWCTY single features a never b4 heard song called Cried. Click here to hear a clip of "Cried". It came out November 11th.

You are hearing the "I Will Come to You" MIDI courtesy of Redsal. Thanks!

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