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For the past year, I have used this site to share the wonderful rare music of Peter Gabriel with his many fans around the globe. It has brought me much pleasure to share all this great music that we don't normally hear everyday. I have truly enjoyed hearing from you all, and knowing of all the fantastic fans that our dear Mr. Gabriel has. I feel as though I have been doing everyone a service by having this webpage here, and continually updating it, but some (a government which shall remain nameless) see it as copyright infringement. I do not wish to suffer any punishment for owning this website, so I have regretfully decided to shut this section down.
You can all still keep in touch with me if you'd like. My icq # is 23717711
Don't hesitate to add me to your list. :-)
Thanks again everyone, and I apologize for having to do this.
Hopefully someday, good will prevail over evil and the web will be safe for us once again to download files in peace and harmony.