- -Reptile Warnings- -
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- -Reptile Warnings- -

Dont panic, nothing major, just a few pointers.
For those of you who were raised in a cave or a closet, NOT ALL REPTILES ARE VENOMOUS! I have been bitten many times and I cringe when people say "How are you still alive?"
If you are just getting started with reptiles stay away from any venomous animals, these guys don't play, they can hurt or kill you.
Children and reptiles do not mix, a turtle might be an exception to this rule, but I would not recomend it.
Do not hesitate when reaching to pick up a reptile, just reach in and gently lift the precious little darling out of its cage or off of the floor. If you hesitate you may get bit. If you have a reptile that does not know you yet, get a pair of gloves untill it does, be patient it will get to know you but it may take a while. Always wash your hands before handeling any reptile, something on your hands may smell like food. If you have more than one reptile wash your hands between each one, as some reptiles eat other reptiles.
Reptiles DO NOT "Tame Down" like other animals, they get to know your smell and they tolerate you, just because "Godzilla" doesn't bite you, he may bite someone he does not know or he may suprise you and decide you smell like food. I'm not trying to scare people away from reptiles, I'm trying to educate people. Reptiles make EXELENT pets, they require very little, but you have got to know what you are doing, or at least have someone like yours truly to turn to ;).
If possible do not feed live rodents to your reptile, if Godzilla will not eat dead rodents, subdue the rodent first - bash it in the head, yes I know I'm gross and cruel but there is nothing worse than coming back to a cage that has a dead reptile and a well fed rat or mouse in it - this has happend to me - made me sick.
Reptiles are cold blooded, this means they must rely on their surroundings to regulate their body tempatures.
Good Luck ! If you have ANY problems/questions or would like help in choosing a reptile let me know.

Email: ron.patty@worldnet.att.net