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Today I have lost my best friend.
Rootbeer was a 2 1/2 year old brindle and white pit-bull, she thought she was a poodle. Everywhere I went Rootbeer went,(all she needed was to hear my keys jingle and she was ready to go) she loved going for a ride or going fishing, actually she used this time to romp through the woods or she would dive headlong into the water, usuall reght where I was trying to fish so I would pay attention to her.
Sometimes she would still be out in the woods when I was ready to go home so I would honk the horn (I've got an air horn on my truck) and she would come running.
Rootbeer was picked up by the dog catcher and taken to the pound, not only did she let herself out but she let all of the other dogs out as well. If I left the house without taking Rootbeer, she would cry and make a mess of things, usually on my pillow or in my shoe.
Yesterday I had gone to Dallas TX on buisness and I could not take Rootbeer with me, my wife let Rootbeer out to relieve herself and Rootbeer went looking for me - she was struck by a car - the car cliped her, just caught her head with the bumper. Patty (my wife) took Rootbeer to the vet and that is where she was when I returned from my trip. I called the vet as soon as I got back and was informed that she was still alive but she had no reason to be. The vet, who is a friend of mine, said he had seen dead dogs in better shape. I went to see her and he was right, she looked bad. I called to her, "Rootbeer, come on girl" and she sat up and then went back down. "I dont see how thats possible, she has not moved since she came in" the vet told me. This morning she would not respond at all and her eyes were nothing but pupil - she was gone. I took her from the vets and took her down to our fishing hole, we sat for a while on the ground by the truck and I tried honking my horn and jingeling my keys - the horn got her to flick her ears, but that was all she was too far in the woods this time for her to find her way back. I sat back down with her and put her out of her misery. I buried her in the back yard.
Rootbeer was not just my dog, she was my best friend.I love you Rootbeer.Goodbye.