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I must apologize, I've had computer problems and I have not been ale to update this page, bear with me and I will have it up to par soon !

My love for animals started normal enough, I guess, cats, dogs, raccoons, snakes - uh... well maybe not , but anyway. I may, from time to time, poke fun at one type of animal or another but it is only in jest, they are all gods creatures and they all deserve a chance .
Now then, let the Games begin !

One thing before we get started, ALWAYS buy CAPTIVE bred and born reptiles, DO NOT get wild caught, they are cheaper and there is a reason for this - they oftentimes do not eat and they die or they can have internal parasites which can kill your new critter and it is harder to tame them if they are wild caught. I'm always having people asking me to help them with their wild caught critter that will not eat anything but the fingers that try to feed it.

I do not recommend any reptile for a child, but then again, the only thing I do recommend for a child's pet is a rock or better yet a ball of cotton so they can't break anything or hurt anyone.

Email: If you have problems with ANY kind of animal, be it bird, fish, monkey, snake or a cat, let me know - I can help ! Click here to send me mail. Also, if you would like to see different types of animals here, let me know !