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Travels with a $1 camera

Second roll

I was truly gob-smacked by the response I got when I posted pictures from my first roll of film. I hadn't expected any feedback, let alone positive feedback! Anyshape, I splashed out on another film cartridge (yes, it cost more than the camera) and wrapped the camera in black insulation tape in an attempt to keep some of the unwanted light out (no, it didn't work).

I don't anticipate buying another roll of film, but if I find one somewhere there's a remote chance some more pictures might turn up here. Who knows, perhaps I'll even find some film for my Brownie 2A.

Flowers, Aliens, Critter, Mountain, Building, Tracks, Shiny, Tree, Field, Wood, Chips, Fat-Bloke.

First roll

Back in the summer of 1998 I bought a camera for $1. At the same time I bought a roll of film for it for 50 cents. Here are some of the pictures I took...

Click on each small, black and white picture to see a larger, colour version.

This was probably the most successful picture, although it looks quite different than I had imagined it would. It shows the railway tracks near the brown shoe factory.

This shows a court house in Danville, Illinois.

This was going to be a picture of another building in Danville, but turned out to be more about the cloud.

This is a round barn near Charleston, Illinois. It was taken from a moving car.

The brown shoe factory in Charleston, I know people who used to work here. This picture has yellow splodge where light got into the back of the camera. I should be able to fix this with some black sticky tape.

Old Main from 6th Street in Charleston. This one shows the yellow splodge too.

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