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Tenth Generation

512. Philemon Warner was born on 1 Aug 1675 in Ipswich, Essex, Ma. He died on 6 May 1741 in Ipswich, Essex, Ma and was buried in May 1741 in Ipswich, Essex, Ma. Philemon married Abigail Tuttle on 27 Apr 1697 in Ipswich, Essex, Ma. [Parents]

513. Abigail Tuttle was born on 7 Oct 1673 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts and was christened on 7 Oct 1674. She died on 30 Sep 1756. [Parents]


514. Valentine Hill.


544. Thomas Wickersham was born in 1668 in Bolney, Sussex, England. He died in Jun 1730 in East Malborough, Chester Co. Pa.. Thomas married Alice Hogge on 17 Jun 1700 in Cowfold, Sussex, England.

545. Alice Hogge was born on 23 Mar 1676 in Sussex, England. She died in 1730 in East Malborough, Chester Co. Pa.. [Parents]


546. Robert Eachus was born calculated 1691 in Germany. He died in 1727 in Gorshen, Chester Co. Pa.. Robert married Elizabeth Harry calculated 1711 in Gorshen, Chester Co. Pa..

547. Elizabeth Harry was born in 1695 in Gorshen, Chester Co. Pa.. She died on 8 Mar 1758 in Gorshen, Chester Co. Pa.. [Parents]


576. Guillaume Sallee was born in 1711 in Manakintown, Va.. He died on 15 Feb 1789 in Buckingham Co. Va. and was buried in Feb 1789 in Buckingham Co. Va.. Guillaume married Olive Olympia Perrault in 1740 in Manakintown, Va.. [Parents]

577. Olive Olympia Perrault was born about 1678 in France. She died after 1740 in Manakintown, Va. and was buried after 1740 in Manakintown, Va..


736. William Payne was born on 15 Mar 1664 in of Boston, Mass.. He died on 14 Apr 1741 in of Boston, Mass.. William married Ruth Grover on 9 Mar 1691 in of Boston, Mass.. [Parents]

737. Ruth Grover was born in 1667. She died on 11 Apr 1722 in of Malden, Mass..


760. Nicholas Hutchins was born in 1645 in Henrico, Co., Virginia. He died in 1729 in Henrico Mh, Henrico Co, Virginia and was buried in 1729. Nicholas married Mary Watkins on 9 Aug 1701 in Henrico, Virginia. [Parents]

Early Virginia Families Along the James River, Volume I, Foley, 1974, indicates Nicholas Hutchins, 230 acres, Hernico Co., on N. side of James Riv., on W. side of 4 Mi. Cr. adj. Henry Pew, and Mr. John Woodson, 25
Apr. 1702, p. 436 (of Patent book #9). Trans. of 5 pers.* Note: 5 rights paid for to Wm. Byrd, Esqr., Auditor.

The April 1705 Perfect Roll of all the Lands held of her Majisie in Henrico County indicated Nicholas Hutchins had 240 acres.

761. Mary Watkins was born in 1682 in Henrico, Virginia. She died on 2 Aug 1736 in Henrico Co., Va. [Parents]

762. Richard (Cockes) Cox was born in 1678 in Henrico, Va.. He died on 3 Feb 1733/1734 in Henrico, Va.. Richard married Mary Trent on 8 Jan 1699/1700 in of, Henrico, Virginia. [Parents]

763. Mary Trent was born in 1682 in Henrico, Va.. She died in 1735 in Henrico, Va..


768. Gerridt Joachimse van Weert was born about 1668 in (Prob) Long Island, New York. He died after 1743. Gerridt married Catalyntje Conckling about 1690 in New York. [Parents]

(Ref: Grenville C. McKenzie) Gerret Jochemse van Weert was born on Long Island, N.Y. about 1668 and married Catherine Conckling about 1690. They resided in Tarrytown, N.Y. just below Sheldon Brook. on the west side of Broadway about opposite Sheldon Ave.
(Ref: N.Y. Gen & Biog. Soc. Qurt. vol. 54, p. 17) Gerrit was constable for the Philipe Manor in the year 1715. His name appears on the tax list in the same place in 1732.
(Ref: N.Y. Hist. Coll. 1891-1909, 1893, p. 171) G. acted as executor of the will of Abraham de Renere(Rivere) which was probated June 22, 1716.
769. Catalyntje Conckling was born before 1672 in Long Island, New York. She died after 1733 in Tarrytown, New York.. [Parents]
Records show her name as " Cathalyna and Catalyntje Canckle. or Conckling.

770. Abraham de Vaux was born on 11 Jun 1668 in Mannheim, Germany. He died in Phillipsburgh, Tarrytown, N.y.. Abraham married Mynno (Minnie) de Maree in 1688 in First Reformed Dutch Church, Hackensack, N.J.. [Parents]

771. Mynno (Minnie) de Maree was born calculated 1668 in France. She died about 1733 in New York.

de Maree (Tran: Of Tides)

772. Wolfert Acker was born in 1665. He died in 1754. Wolfert married Mary Cronkheit Sybout on 31 Dec 1692 in The Dutch Church in New Amsterdam.

Aka: Ecker; Wolfert built the house called " Wolferts Roost", later owner by Washington Irving, renamed: "Sunnyside".
773. Mary Cronkheit Sybout.
Source:"Westchester Patriarchs", by: Norman Davis; Aka: Maritje.

776. Henry II Fowler was born calculated 1634 in Humbleton, Rutland Co. England. He died in 1687 in Mamaroneck, New York. and was buried in 1687 in Mamaroneck, New York.. Henry married Rebecca Newell calculated 1654 in Roxbury, Mass.. [Parents]

Will dated 19 Sept 1687, inventory taken 1687 but not finally closed untill Dec. 5/6, 1704. (WLR C-357)
Removed to the colonies 1652/3 and resided in Providence, R.I. 1654.
777. Rebecca Newell was born calculated 1630 in of Roxbury. She died calculated 1690 in Mamaroneck, Westchester Co. New York. [Parents]

778. Moses Hoyt was born in of Eastchester. He married Abigail.

779. Abigail was born in of Eastchester.


928. Rodger Perryman married Mary Burrage. [Parents]

929. Mary Burrage.


1008. Beriah Fitch was born on 30 Aug 1713. He died on 4 May 1785. Beriah married Deborah Gorham on 11 Dec 1735. [Parents]

1009. Deborah Gorham was born calculated 1714. She died on 12 Apr 1787 in Nantucket, Mass.. [Parents]

Deborah is a great-granddaughter of John Howland of the Mayflower. (co-heiress)

1010. Daniel Coffin was born in 1713 in of Boston, Masss.. He married Elizabeth Stratton. [Parents]

Elizabeth was Daniels 2nd Wife.
1011. Elizabeth Stratton was born on 14 Aug 1712 in Boston, Mass.. She died on 6 Jan 1780. [Parents]

1012. Thomas Delano Sr. was born on 10 May 1704 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He died after 28 Oct 1778 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Thomas married Jane Peckham on 4 Nov 1727 in Dartmouth, Masssachusetts. [Parents]

1013. Jane Peckham was born on 23 Jan 1702/1703 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. She died in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. [Parents]



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