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Ollie-this trick is the easiest trick in the book. Simply pop your tail with your back foot and slide your front foot up. This should cause your board to elevate.

Shuv-it- To do the shovit,place your backfoot on your tail and your front foot ontop of your front truck, slightly pop your tail and kick your front foot toeside, this will cause your board to rotate, once its done a 180, land on it and ride away.

The Kickflip-The kickflip is a screwed up trick. For some people it only takes them a matter of hours to land it, but for others it will take them years before they can land it consistently. So don't be discouraged if you've been trying it for quite a while and still havn't landed it. The way I was taught to do this trick was set your feet up the way you would do an ollie exept have your front foot angled and a little bit more off your board. Do an ollie with your feet set up like this, and once you reach the peak of your ollie slide your front foot up and off your board quickly to make your board rotate. Once it has rotated around land on it and ride away. The kickflip has many variations such as backside flip, front side flip, hard flip, eazy flip.

Frontside 180This trick is frusturating at first. Most kids can do a 180 but there back flip always slides off. To do it pop the tail and to turn it use your backfoot and turn the board frontside. You may find that your back foot slides off the board with each attmpt, so just concentrate and try to keep your foot from sliding off.

Backside 180- This trick is a 180 but turning backside. Ollie and rotate your board on your feet with your backfoot.

Shuv-it flip- Set up your feet like your going to do a kickflip. Set up your back foot so the ball of your foot is on the tail. Once ready, bend your knees, skip your tail backwards and slide your foot up and off your board. Hover over your board and stick it. It may take a few tries but you'll get it.

50-50 grind-Ride parallel to the object your wishing to grind, when you feel you are close enough to the object ollie and attempt to get both of your trucks over the obstacle and make them land on it, grind for a while, turn out or ride of the edge. The faster you go the further you grind but also the harder this trick is to land.

Nose Slide-Ride parallel to the obstacle you wish to slide, once you get in strinking distance turn and slap your nose onto the edge of the ledge or whatever, make sure you balance on your nose and make it so the rest of your board is off the ground. Slide.... turn off or nollie flip out or whatever and ride away. perfect this trick. go faster.

Tail slide-Perfect your 180's before you attempt this. Ride towards your object at an angle for beginners. once you get to a spot where your comfortable, do a 180 and keep your back foot on your tail, slap that tail on the ledge and slide. Do somthing nifty out.

5-0- Ride towards your obstacle ollie and make sure you get over your obstacle. Land on like a manual on the coping and grind... turn or ride off the end of the obstacle. Tweak this trick out it looks better. Be careful about flinging your board and falling on your ass on the coping, and if it happens don't feel bad its normal bro.

Heel Flip- Set your feet up so your backfoot is nicely on your tail and your front foot is maybe a litte bit more toe side than usual. Ollie and kick your front foot out which makes your board spin. Let it spin, and then land....

More tips to come mail me some that i havnt had posted yet and u will be recognized! I need some lip tricks

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