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Lock a vampire alone in a room until they're half-starved to death, then introduce a bit of prey that they would never ever consider feeding from. Innocent little girls for humane vampires, grotesque beasts for toreador, and practically anything for a ventrue. Then watch them squirm trying to resist the urge to eat.
Of course, if you have to bo so vulgar as to torture them psysically, can't go wrong with a vampire strapped to a table, disco music blaring, and a shaft of sunlight reflecting off a disco ball just over the vampire.

The old fashioned fang pull. Buy a pair of pliers and rip out the cainines. If they regenerate, rip 'em out again. can be combined with starvation (also, for those who would starve a Ventrue, and then introduce someone not in his normal feeding group "The character will feed on no other type of blood, even if starving or under duress.") The vietnam trick. This is an extended torture.Lock a victim in a dark room, ect. Give food every day at the same time. After a week, begin giving food at different times. He still thinks its the same. Combine this with complete silence. It is proven to break any number of warriors.

Bury them alive or encasing them in cement for a month or two, also heated sand is a wonderfully terrible thing, boiling oil, acid, molten lead, electricity, force them to drink ammonia, break their bones and then pin them in place crooked, put out their eyes, melt their ears, cut out their tounges, the treatment must always be varied if you are to keep their interest.

Imagine chopping a vampires limbs off every night, making sure they don't have enough blood to heal them (or only a little). Not staight away, give them a few hours to know its coming. Then place them in a room with a nice blood source that will not move. Put the source on the other side and have them spend the night slowly, agnoisingly writhing across the floor with their stumps to the blood source they can smell. When they get their they can feed and heal. But you repeat it next night.

Fill a jar full of rats an put the opening of the jar against his chest. Burn the other end of the jar so the rats have to chew their way through his chest to get out...

Lets see...find the poor vampire's favourte mortal. Abuduct, embrace, and imprision said mortal. Start hacking off recognizable limbs, and mail them to the poor vampire. Sit back and laugh.
Ventrue, depending on how you handle their clan weakness, can be especially fun. If a blueblood will only feed from 'blonde british women', find a hispanic man who had a sex change and cosmetic surgery. Invite said ventrue over for dinner. Present him with a gift of your 'undying (unliving?) esteem'. Then, show him the before and after shots.
How about this: Pull a pavlov. Hook a blood dispenser up to a bank of sunlamps (again, depending on what's kosher and what's not in your campaign; I've decided that vamps have a real problem with UV radiation. If not, just use a sunroof.) Hungry, vampire? Just push this button and fresh blood will come pouring out of that pipe. Of course, while the blood is flowing, the lamps will be on/sunroof will be open, and you'll get hurt, which will require blood to heal.....bwaaahaaa

my favorite needs a bit of preparation: you have to ghoul a potpouri of insects: spiders, worms, cockroaches. Then starve them, they rip the eyes and tongue of your victim, stuff the bloodied holes with insects. Close the orifices with vicissitude, albeit a good needle and a nylon will do.
~~Necros Edinescu

As far as general torture, you could chain the guy up and then pour a line of some slow-burning flammable stuff from his position to wherever you prefer. As the flame gets closer to the poor bastard, he tends to get nervous. Rotschreck, anyone?
~~Robert Bingham

I say working on the victims mind is the best bet. Still you ougthta use both. Let's say your victim really I mean really loves someone. Now capture this person and bloodbound it to you. Then let this person torture and do all sorts of humiliating things with your victim. You might ofcourse first embrace the beloved one and blood bound your victim to her. For some extra flavor you might first blood bound your victim to yourself and then let your victim torture his beloved one...Variate experiment find out what works best. And you might use your visscitude. (remember to put tags on m if you have multiple victims, you don't what the mess things up and take on the wrong one, eh? then watch your players turn green.

(Read Clanbook: Baali.)
One of the ways that the Assemites took care of the Baali they got their undead hands on was to hang them upside down in a box with a pinhole for sunlight to slowly cut them in half throught the duration of the day. The whole bug thing is in the book as well. There is even a whole group of the Bloodline that Embraces through the hive that lives within them. The Organ Pits are interesting ways to spice up torture. Buried live? or Buried alive in human organs? you tell me what one is worse. Hmm... some other; You could burn the eyes from you victumn and have them wonder through a maze of fare and razor blades. Starving a Vampire and then feeding them a beloved family member is always classic. The best way to get the heroic types is to torture someone they love. And then convince them that they faild to protect them. Sleeping with the fishes? Sure! You all know how it's done. But Vampires don't drown you say? Even better! Have those hungry little fishies nibble on that bound and gagged Vampire! Make them listen to Hansen. A variant of the Chinesse water torture would be to use holy water.

An interesting twist on Chinese water torture for kindred: use blood instead of water. Not only will they go insane from the dripping, they will likely go into frenzy constantly after a few nights and days of starving and blood dripping.
~~Judas the Betrayer

Another simple torture, hang a vamp(without Fortitude) from a strand of razer wire. It will slowly cut their head off, unless they continually spend blood to heal and when that runs out....

Step 1: cement up all but the vampire's head.
Step 2: Play the song "Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny, Yellow Pokadot Bikini for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week loud enough to keep it awake in the daytime, thus forcing it to spend willpower.
Step 3: Now, combine ALL the suggestions about the chinese water torture with blood previously listed: Fake blood, blood from a loved one, potent blood, not feeding it asside what drips into it's mouth, etc., and Use that Blood torture outta China, buddy, thereby keeping it out of torpor.
Step 4: use lighter fluid (it's cheap) and set fire in a circle around the vamp's head, but not burning the leech (you want info, remember)
Step 5: after six weeks, enter the dark, dank cell it's been in the whole time. Smile politely. Be nice to it, because it's going to tell me everything I want to know, isn't that right?
Step 6: pull the blood bag out from behind your back and poke a hole in it. The blood will leak, and then you ask it what you want to know. If it talks, set the bag down a few inches from it's lips, just out of reach. If not, rip the bag to pieces before it's very eyes.
Step 7:If you have another use for the blood sucker, do it now, because here comes...
Step 8: Disposing Of The Evidence- just fill the head over, smooth it up a bit, and use the cement block as a foundation for a tool shed. Too cruel!
~~The Psycho You Can't Talk To Like A Normal Human Being

use chimistry to trap your PC's in a illusionary house of horrors. have every thing they fear and loath personified and blown up larger than life, add a couple of real traps and guards too shake things up a bit. here's the best part: when they find the exit to the real world (I.E. outside) have the sun come up! then they'll have too choose: die in the sun, or stay inside and endure more mental anguish. bet you my jester cap that at least half of em will rather fry than return!

Hollow Stakes- use a hollowed out stake, driven directly into the heart, and administer any substance you choose through the stake. I've found that molasses works well, as well as paint thinner.
~~Night Denizen

During the larp it had gotten out that my new friend(the malq) didnt play golf very well. after he really got me upset I called in a favor owed me by a Fiend. With the help of vissesitude I used my new friend's teeth as golf spikes, his bones into clubs, one eye (he still needed the other) and both testicles are now golf balls,and what was left made a rather sporty golf bag. The big trick about this is that the bag is still alive (and conscious) so my new friend can see that with my new set of clubs I've taken 20 strokes of my game ( i think that last bit is the Real torture, or maybe the fact that he can still feel everything, ) To drive the point home i had the person who used to play my new friend carry around a bag of clubs (at the larp) and describe What they now were to anyone who asked about them.
~~frater 1*1

I dunno, i kinda like it when my mage runs across a leech with particularly high fortitude. So instead of using an effect like creating sunlight around the target, I like to slowly turn his blood into hydrogen peroxide. Or you can make his nerve endings more sensative to pain, and pour salt over an already open wound.

Take your average annoying Tremere, not to hard to find. Use Vicissitude to strip all of the flesh off him, except his heart. Move the heart to the base of the skull, and use bonecraft to form a bone sheath aroud it to protect it. Next reshape the skelaton to form a nice staff with the skull on top. Blood bond and condition the staff to do whatever you ever tell it to do. Oh yeah, leave the eyes intact. End result, a nice walking staff that can use Dominate, Thaum, and Auspex at your command. Plus you can hit people with it, and it can bite for agg.
~~~Lawerance Filker

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