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Welcome to Miss Prim Dancewear!

You can create your own one of a kind Tutu! Choose from lots of colors and styles...add your choice of flowers, ribbons, sequins and more, and own a completely original MISS PRIM TUTU -designed by you!

Miss Prim Dancewear also carries the Blev Bottoms line of unique and comfortable dance pants for girls and boys! Want to contact "The Blev" about his exclusive line of clothing?

Have I seen a Miss Prim Tutu before?

It's very possible! Miss Prim Tutus have been seen on tiny dancers in ballet classes, dance recitals, and halloween parades from Manhattan's Upper West Side to Nashville, Tennesee.Miss Prim Tutus have been worn by professional dancers on the Off-Broadway Stage, and by fashionable hipsters in New York nightclubs. (Rumour has it a Miss Prim Tutu was spotted on a student in a rock climbing class at a trendy gym in Brooklyn, NY)

Who wouldn't want a custom made, self-designed TUTU?

Behind the scenes at Miss Prim Dancewear.........

Juli Greenberg, professional dancer, tap teacher and choreographer noticed a trend among her tiny dance students. Tutus had become standard attire in her dance classes, and students and parents searhed far and wide for the most elaborate, most delicious looking costumes for their newly acquired interest in learning to dance! Not always practical, with gaudy embellishments and flimsy construction, Juli sat at her sewing machine and came up with a solution. Adorable, sturdy, adjustable, comfortable and completely one-of-a-kind TUTUS designed by YOU!

Behind the scenes at Miss Prim Dancewear.........

The Miss Prim Design-Your-Own Tutu order form makes it possible for children to select the colors and decorations on their very own wearable creation. Miss Prim Tutus are available to you directly from the Miss Prim Workshop in Brooklyn, NY.

1) Contact me by telephone or by

2) I mail you the Design-Your-Own Tutu order form package.

3) You let your child's creativity run wild (with a little supervision and gentle guidance) while you mail me a check for $46.00, (includes shipping and handling) payable to me, Juli Greenberg

4) I get busy hand sewing and decorating your very own original Miss Prim Tutu!

5) In less than 2 weeks you will receive your masterpeice by Priority Mail.

6) Your dancer will leap, jump and fly knowing her TUTU makes her special!

Miss Prim Handmade Dancewear

(718) 855-8313

E-mail an inquiry to free of charge!

Give the gift of creativity and self-expression! Design-Your-Own Tutu gift certificates available!