A Vegan Centre in JKT, INA

Greetings  :),

my name is Vidya, I am with http://www.i-v-s.org/   . I've been a vegan for 3 years, before that: veggie for 3.

We are building a vegan centre in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

We've been searching for local sponsors for 3 years and now we're lobbying several potential ones <most of them are not veggies>.

We need at least 15,000 US$ to be able to rent a house and operate efficiently for two years. After two years: we hope to be able to gather enough members and sponsors to have our own self-supporting veggie businesses :).

Pls take a look at the URLs below,












 and get back to us at ralph.gorth@gmx.de  , while cc-ing to vidya1@gmx.de (Vidya's e-mail address) to pledge a donation, or to suggest what to do to collect the money in the US and Europe.

I am thinking of placing ads at the many vegan/AR/vegetarian magazines and newspapers.

Info on their uptodate rates and most recents contact addresses are highly sought after. Pls shower us with ones :)!

Would any of you volunteer to open table at vegan gatherings and festivals for the IVS?

Any real vegans (or vegans at heart) who are interested in helping out are encouraged to contact ralph.gorth@gmx.de and vidya1@gmx.de asap.

Thank you very much :).

Best Wishes,

Vidya   (info@i-v-s.org)