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Derna's Delightful Irene Dunne Pages
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Derna's Delightful

Irene Dunne Pages

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Derna's Delightful Irene Dunne Pages

Welcome to my Irene Dunne pages!

Irene Dunne is one of the most versatile actresses ever to have graced the silver screen. She is certainly lovely to look at, definitely delightful to know and she possesses the most evocative soprano voice ever to be heard on film.

This collection of pages is my tribute to Irene Dunne. They are still under construction and, as you can see, my plans are extensive so please check back regularly for updates. If you have any suggestions or comments please E-mail me. It remains only for me to say that I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I am enjoying putting them together. Use the links above to take you where you want to go...

This page will eventually contain an Irene Dunne Biography, written by me from the little hoard of articles I have managed to collect about Ms Dunne. For the moment though, you will find links to a number of extant mini-biographies that I hope will answer some of your questions.

A complete listing of Irene Dunne films, including production and cast lists, release dates and a review of each film. This is a work in progress, which will be updated with reviews as I receive them. Some of these reviews are currently being written by my fellow Warbrides, members of the Cary Grant mailing list, but if you fancy writing a review for this page please do drop me a line.

After Irene stopped appearing in films she continued to make the occasional television appearance and she hosted The Schlitz Playhouse of Stars for several series.

Irene Dunne was one of the most popular Lux girls and as such she was a regular star on The Lux Radio Theatre. She leant her vocal talents to many radio plays and on this page you will find details of her radio appearances.

Introducing The Irene Dunne Songbook!!!
Throughout her career Irene Dunne starred in a succession of hit musicals, both on and off the screen. She became most closely associated with the music of Jerome Kern. This exciting new page contains full details of the songs she sang, including complete transcripts of lyrics and publication information for the sheet music. I have also compiled a comprehensive list of where to find these elusive recordings. This page is a must for any Dunne collector.

Although Irene never received an Oscar, she was nominated an impressive FIVE times! Find out about these nominations, who her fellow nominees were, who the awards finally went to and which awards she did receive for her work on and off the screen.

Article Archive
For every Irene Dunne fanatic articles about her life and screen appearances are like gold-dust. To my knowledge there is but one publication which deals exclusively with the life and work of Irene Dunne, so magazine articles from the period in which she was appearing on film are our main source of information. This archive lists the articles I have been able to track down. I hope it helps you too in your quest for gold!

We all know that Irene was an intelligent, talented, thoroughly adorable individual, but what did her fellow stars think of her? Here they get their say in a page of quotes about Irene lifted directly from biographies I have read. The verdict may be predictable - but it's still nice to read it anyway.

If you are a collector of films and film memorabilia this is the page for you. From here you will be able to link to various suppliers of memorabilia and find out about UK and USA memorabilia fairs. You can also benefit from my personal collection and you might even be able to help me find an elusive film or two.

Image Gallery
Just a small collection of my favourite Irene pictures.

TV Today
This direct link to 'TV Now' provides monthly listings of Irene Dunne films currently being shown on satellite and terrestrial television.

Looking for more information? Try these links to other Irene Dunne sites and check out some of Irene's best loved co-stars too. Most notably you'll find an extensive collection of Cary Grant links - my favourite male star of the silver screen.

This is your chance to tell me, and everyone else, what you think of this site, Irene Dunne, her films, songs and anything else you like. Feel free to make suggestions for additions to this site. You can also read what others have said.