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This page last updated 01-14-05

Viewers Favorite Names

A - E Names

Abigail - I know this name is somewhat overused, but it's still a beautiful name with a great meaning. It can also be shortened to one of the cutest nicknames around for girls, Abbie.

Adam Harvey - My first childs name. Adam because he's the first and that its nice, and Harvey because my wife thinks its sexy (*rolls eyes*).

Adria Juliet - Adria is in reference to the Adriatic Sea near Slovenia (im part Slovene), Juliet I just love.

Aiden Christian - It just flows together.

Ailis Marike - Ailis is an older spelling of Alice, and again, much less common, and I think that Marike is a cute alternative to Marie!

Alexzander - With the nickname Zander rather than Alex.

Alighea Paige Anthony - Because it's such a pretty name. (Alighea pronuced Al-ee-a)

Alyissia - I think Alyissia is cute, sounds very pretty and its unsual. (Alyssia pronuced Al-i-see-ya )

Amy-Lee - I just think they goe so nicely together, not a particularly unusual name these days but pretty and an alternative choice for the more common hyphonated names.

Analysse Leona- This is my daughters name. I made up Analysse and Leona was my great grandmothers name.

Andrew - It's not unusual at all, I know, but I still love the name Andrew and will use it for my firstborn son. I am looking for an unusual middle name to go with it (which is why I am visiting this site) since it is so common. I think I like Andrew Aizel, Andrew Branten, and Andrew McAllister.

Angel - It's pure and very cute!!

Angelina Renee - After my daughter was on life support at her fifth month of pregnancy she named her daughter Angelina (Messenger from Heaven or Little Angel) and Renee (Reborn). How fitting was that?

Anika Ashley - Anika is somewhat uncommon and pretty. And Ashley is pretty and goes great with the first name.

Annaliese - I chose this for my daughter as I think itís a pretty name for a baby and very beautiful for a grown lady. Also my name is Lisa Anne and thought it sounded similar in reverse!

Apple - It seems a little too out there to be a first name to me but i would like to use it as a middle name for a girl. Its cute and sweet.

Aravis Michaela - Aravis is my favorite charactor in C.S.Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. The name Michaela seems to flow nicely with it.

Ariandreaunalyn Kieryn-Krystelle- I had my first baby a few months ago and wanted to name her something really different, I also have a very short last name so I wanted a really long first name to go with it, so I came up with the name Ariandreaunalyn. The middle name I chose because I love the name Kieryn but it didn't sound right with Ariandreaunalyn so I added the Krystelle to Kieryn to get a good flow. I spelled Kieryn and Krystelle with Ys because I think the names look really cool and different that way. (Ariandreaunalyn pronounced Air-ee-awn-dree-awe-na-lin, Kieryn pronounced Kee-ere-in)

Ashley Marie - My first and middle name is *Ashley Marie*. I always liked how they fit together, it's pretty even though Ashley is one of the most popular girls names along w/ Marie being a very popular middle name but when you put it together it seems unique.

Aspen - I've heard the name "Aspen" a couple of times in the past few years, and I think it's beautiful, particularly if you've ever seen the aspens on a mountainside in the fall.

Asyra - This is the name my friend gave her daughter. It's just such a pretty name.

Aubree Michelle - I named my youngest daughter Aubree after the song "Aubrey" by Bread. He says in the song, "a not so ordinary name or girl". I thought the song was beautiful. Some people say it's a boys name so I feminized the name with an "ee" and Michelle. I think it goes together well.

Aubrey Grace - I've loved the name Aubrey since I heard the song by Bread, but never got a chance to use it. Grace is such a beautiful female name, and I like how they flow together.

Aubrielle Janae - I love the name Gabrielle, but not the nickname Gabby! I thought of just using Brielle as a name, but it didn't seem to flow as well with our last name. My husband suggested Aubrielle and I just fell in love with it. Janae is after his mom, Janetta. We call our little one Aubrie for now, but later on we will call her Aubrielle.

Averil - Ever since I read Anne of Avonlea (about 6 years ago) I have loved the name Averil. It is so beautiful and graceful sounding, it just rolls smoothly off your tounge. I want to use that for my first daughter, with maybe Bethany or Melody for the middle name.

Beau - It seems somewhat masculine but it means "beautiful" in french. (Beau pronounced like Oh)

Bella Sophia - It sounds so pretty and beautiful.

Benjamin Hugo - Ben is a common but very nice name and Hugo is a fun name that you could call anything from a child to a guinea-pig so we chose it for our son.

Benn - Ben spelt with a double N for emphasis that it's just Benn, not Benjamin.

Brenna Laurel - My faveorite name is Brenna Laurel. I like it because it uses two names that aren't often heard and they have a nice flow when put together. It's also my oldest daughter's name and everytime I say it I fall in love with it all over again.

Brielle - This name is really nice and I like name's that finish in "elle"... they just sound nicer!

Brielle Jalexa - I am due to have my first child ( a girl! ) in September 2003. I am going to name her Brielle (which means "exhaulted goddess") Jalexa (which just sounds pretty).

Briar James - I just thinks it's a good mix, commen and uncommen.

Broghan - My husband found it in a book and thought it sounded "manly" and I have seen it in baby name books spelled Brogan. We liked the silent H in the spelling. We have gotten nothing but compliments on his name and it's one that I'm glad is unusual but not weird.

Cade Mackenzie - I think its pretty unusual. The name Cade came from my husband, its his second name & his great grandfathers first name, and Mackenzie is what we had picked out for a girl or a boy.

Callie - It's extremely hip.

Cambria - It's a unique and pretty name in my opinion.

Camden Jayde - I love the name Camden for a girl and my mom's name is Jaye, so I added the d to make Jayde, which I think is beautiful.

Cap - I always liked the characters Cap Garland and Almonzo Wilder in the Laura Ingalls books. I don't like the sound of Almonzo so I wouldn't name my son that, but I love the sound of the name Cap. I am thinking about going with Casper and using Cap as a nickname, but I might just use Cap as his formal first name and avoid the "friendly ghost" remarks.

Capri - It's an unusual and cool name.

Caroline Astraea - Caroline is a classic name with a cute nickname (Callie), Astraea is the goddess of Justice, after my Uncle who was a lawyer.

Carrigan Elizabeth - This is what I'm going to name my daughter. I got it from the movie casper. I love the way it sounds.

Carter Elliott - Another boy's name I like, it also just flows well together.

Caspian - It's heroic.

Ceyann Elizabeth - This is my sister's name and I've never heard of anyone else having this name so I wanted to add it to your list.

Chad Nicholas - I've loved the name Chad as long as I can remember. Nicholas is the mn of a favorite uncle.

Chance Adams - It just flows with everything, and I think I will use it unless I find a better one.

Chay - The name Chay is really nice, since I have heard it I have always loved it.

Chelsi Brianna Tegan - My fave name for a girl is Chelsi Brianna Tegan because I like the sound of Chelsi Brianna, and you don't normaly spell it like that, and Tegan because its Welsh and I'm Welsh.

Cherie Dawn -Cherie is spelt different (French) so it's different and just goes together so good with Dawn.

Chloe - It's so adorable and cute.

Christian Tyler - I think it is just such a cool sounding boys name.

Christina Chardonnay - It's such a lovely name, and my great-grandma was called Christina.

Clementine - I love the name Clementine for a girl, its so pretty, and as she gets older Clem could be used as an adult version.

Coral Lee - We wanted a name that had to do with the ocean since we lived near the beach when she was born and Lee is my mothers middle name.

Curtis Lee-Antony - My son is called this as I like unusual names and you don't hear Curtis (which means love) that often. I preferred spelling it with a C rather than a K. Lee-Antony - I just liked.

Cynthia Maura - My second daughters name. Cynthia such a great name and Cindy is such a great nickname!, and Maura out of family tradition (Aunt Maura, Great Aunt Maura, Great Grandma Maura, Great Great Grandma Maura, u get it).

Dagon Zephoni - That is the name of my third son. Dagon is from phonecian mythology and means'god of the sea', after my late best friend, whose ashes we spread in the ocean. Zephoni is a name my husband made from the biblical name, Zephan; changing the a to an o, and adding an i, to make it more italian sounding, to go with our rather authentic last name. I absolutely love it. Its just so strong, and unique. (Dagon pronounced DAY-GUN, Zephoni pronounced ZEFF-AWN-EE)

Dalas - It's sweet, and it's unisex.

Dale Aidan Sandra - my favorite baby name for a girl is Dale Aidan Sandra... which is why I named my daughter that. Dale is an unusual name but easy to spell and pronounce. Growing up with a name like Lisette I didn't want my daughter to have an ordinary name but also did want her to not have the frustration of forever correcting people. Aidan is the final decision between Aidan and Aidra, since I thought that Aidra sounded funny followed by Sandra, and I wanted some Gaelic/Celtic influence in her name for the Scottish ancestry on my mothers side of the family. Sandra was a must have since it is for my mom, just like my second middle name is Kathleen for my grandmother, we are a rather matriarchal family. :) The full meaning of her name (from the books I used) is from the valley, the litte fire, the helper and defender of mankind, which is interesting since do live in a valley and she is planning on being a doctor of some sort but want's to help people and man, the firey spirit in this child.

Davy Kate- I think traditional boys names used for girls is a really cool trend. You see Aiden, Cameron, Daryl, and Drew all used for girls. I like them all, but I like Davy the best. I think it's so cute for a girl, and Kate goes really well as the middle name. I want to use that name for my first baby if it's a girl, but my fiance hates it.

Delylah - It's so beautiful sounding.

Devin Paul - Devin Paul is an old Irish name meaning poet. We had trouble finding a name for our little boy but this stood out from the first time we saw it. Devon is getting popular as a girls name too.

Dimitrius Christofer - Dimitrius is not too common and I really like it. And Christofer is common, but I spelled it differnt so it will stand out.

Djin Marie - Djin is an uncommon name and pretty as well. And no one in my family has the middle name of Marie and it is pretty as well.

Dovie - My favorite name is Dovie. It is pronounced like Dove with an E sound.

Draven - I also like the name Draven for a boy, but I have not thought of a middle name to go with it yet.

Draven Michael - This is my ten month olds name. His grandmother came up with it after meeting a little boy with that name. I never hear it around this area (Tennessee) so everyone looooves it.

Echo Velouria - A name I love for a girl. It sounds so mysterious, yet the sound of it flows smoothly. Echo after a book my favorite author wrote (Francesca Lia Block) and Velouria after the song by The Pixies.

Eden - This is what I want to name my first daughter. Its pretty and has a nice meaning.

Edith Annabelle - Edith is another top favorite of mine, it just sounds so pretty. Annabelle I love also, and am considering for a first name possibly.

Egypt Cierra - My husband and I are expecting our third child and it is a girl. We both like Egyptian history so we decided on Egypt Cierra.

Elias Nathaniel - This is my current favorite boy's name. I just think it flows really well and I love the name Eli for short.

Ellica Evie - I know a little girl with this name and think it's lovely - pretty without being too "fluffy", if you get my meaning!

Emilan - It's cool and hip.

Emma Rose - It's very feminine and pretty. I imagine a pretty little girl playing tea party when I hear the name.

Emma Rylan - This is my absolute favorite girl name, Emma has been my top pick for my first born daughter since I was ten years old and hasn't changed yet. The original middle name was Riley buy when my sister was carrying my niece (who she ended up naming Lily Jolie) she had Riley as one of her tops so I modified my middle name to Rylan which I think is really pretty and unusual but doesn't sound unusual.

Erin Jane - It's unusual, old fashioned and homely.

Evan Jared - 3rd sons name. I love this name, the look of it, and as he was concieved in wales its an added bonus.

Evelyn Clare - We like old-fashioned names and feel this flows together nicely.

Evelyn Rain - It's unique and beautiful. A womans name.