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While much of the work I like to do is from pictures of "Catch and Release" for angler's who wish to keep a memory alive, I do a lot of other work also.  Most of this type is down for shows and competitions.  These pieces are for sale to those who are interested in having a unique sculpture.  I never use a duplicator, so each piece is unique and different.  There will never be another exactly like it.

       I list those pieces here.  They are currently available.  If they are sold, then they will be removed from this page and added to the Gallery of past carvings.

      So, if you see a piece you might be interested in, send me an e-mail by clicking here or on the button above. 

    I also sell pieces through some local outlets, such as Silver Creek Outfitters in Sun Valley.  So if you are visiting there, drop in, and tell them you would like to see some of my pieces.


12" spawning Bluegills. Blue Ribbon winner, Boise, Idaho. March 2000.

Price: $150 plus shipping 

Small Mouth Bass.

Price: $200 plus shipping.

032003RT.jpg (178711 bytes)

15" Rainbow Trout 

$300 plus shipping

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Wall Mounts     

 I will do specialty pieces also.  Realizing that display space is limited in many homes, I have developed wall mounts.  These are 12" fish, carved and painted in living colors.  The plaques are dark walnut simulated wood.  They include a brass plaque with information about the species, such as name and scientific identification.  If desired, hand tied flies that would be effective for catching them may also be mounted on each side of the brass plate.

Brown on Plaque.jpg (132224 bytes)

(Click for larger view.)

Rainbow_on_Plaque.jpg (148751 bytes)

(Click for larger view)

3-D Brown Trout mounted on wood plaque.

Cost: $300 Add Flies for $10 each

Two dimensional Rainbow Trout on wood plaque with brass tag and flies.

Cost  $300

YCutthroat_on_Plaque.jpg (150380 bytes)

(Click to enlarge)

(click to Enlarge)

2-D Yellowstone Cutthroat on wood plaque with brass tag and flies.

Cost $300

2-D Large Mouth Bass on Wood plaque with brass tag.

Cost  $300

(Click to Enlarge)

gOLDEN-ON-PLAQUE.jpg (203770 bytes)

(Click to Enlartge)

2-D  Smallmouth Bass on Wooden plaque with Brass tag.

Cost  $300

Golden Trout on Wooden plaque with Brass Tag.

Cost $300/ $320 with flies

Grayling.jpg (288754 bytes)

(Click to Enlarge)

2-D Arctic Grayling.

The photo doesn't do justice to the delicate colors of this magnificent fish.  It has been called the "Aurora Borealis of the Northern Waters."

Cost: $300 / $320 with Flies.

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Desk Sets

     I also make some other items and mounts for fishermen and women who like to show their passion. These are mostly made for display on desk, or table tops.

Fish head card holder.jpg (98649 bytes)

(Click to enlarge)

This is a fish head with open mouth.  It sits on your desk and holds your business cards. 

  Although this is a Rainbow, and was featured in a national woodcarving magazine, Carving magazine April 2003, any species will work.

Custom order:

Cost $100

Carving Kits

    I also make a number of kits for beginners.  These kits consist of a cut-out blank, all material for making the carving, such as eyes, and a complete set of instructions for both carving and painting.  Contact me for the species I have available and the prices.



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