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A little about Me



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    Hello.  Thanks for taking the time to drop past my web page.  I hope you enjoy looking at the carvings I so like to do.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


    First, I was born and raised in the great state of Idaho.  In Pocatello to be exact.  I was educated, and worked all my professional life as a chemist. (Yes, I am a real doctor.  A Ph.D. though, and not an M.D.) Although I have done many other things as well.  I can truthfully say I have worked as almost everything from a cowboy to a research scientist.

    Along the way, I dabbled in such fields as free lance writing and professional painting. In fact, I've added a new page to the site that contains a partial list of my writings.  I will be adding to this as I continue to write and publish my work.  Check it out if you are interested in either Wood Carving or Fly Fishing. 

    I spend some time on the East coast working in the chemical industry, but decided to return to my native state.  Here, while working as a chemist for a microelectronics plant, I got interested in the area of fly fishing.  After some work, and study, I finally opened a fly shop.  It didn't last very long due to my poor business acumen.  So I turned to writing about the lovely fish I sought after and caught on the tiny flies I still tied.

    Then, as age crept up on me I found that I was unable to make the long hikes and fight the strong rivers like I used to.  So, instead of fishing for the beasties, I turned back to my interest in art, and began to carve them from wood.  I now own my studio, where the magic happens that turns a piece of wood into a magical creature of stream or lake.

    Take a look around my site.  Return as often as you like.   I am always carving new pieces, and they will be posted in either the 'Gallery or the Catalogue areas .

    Gary 'Doc' Fenwick