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Welcome to Doc's Fish.  A page about fish, fishing and carving.  

From Catch

To Workbench

To lasting Memory

            A beautiful day, perfect in every way.  Clear skies, clear air and clean water.  The fishing is good, and your enjoyment is at the maximum.

     The last catch of the day is your all time record breaker.  Your pride knows no bounds.  But what do you do now?  

    A photograph simply won't capture the moment, nor the memories.  Besides, photographs fade and disappear.

   Have a taxidermy mount made?  To do this you have to kill this wonderful creature.

   How about having a permanent memory made in wood?    It is lifelike, permanent, and a beautiful piece of art.  Follow the links below to learn more about this art form, and how to contact me. 

   For those interested, I've also placed a couple of pages about my writing.  Follow the links below to see a partial list of my published works, and an example of my writing style.