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My Story - About us

Why I have built this web site?

In a nutshell - because there is hope!
Not only is there hope, there is a way out of your current mental health crisis. In fact, there are many ways out.

My Story

I have what psychologists call “panic disorder.” After suffering for many, many years my mental disease had finally reached a point in 1992 where I could no longer function in any kind of a so-called normal lifestyle. My struggle with anxiety and panic attacks had become a daily challenge. I could no longer go out to restaurants or to movies, I couldn’t go to church or watch my children in their school plays, I couldn’t sleep well or digest food, I had closed down my recording studio business due to anxiety and I was just barely making it to my jobs as a performing musician.

Somehow my loving wife managed to secure an appointment for me to talk to a psychologist where I began to learn coping skills and start a new and exciting journey, walking down the road of recovery called “cognitive therapy.”

I started to feel relief from day one and within a few months I had developed the skills needed to start managing my anxiety. Over a decade has passed since that beginning and I have gone from over 200 anxiety filled days per year to down to less than two hours or so of anxiety per year. Do panicky thoughts still creep into my mind? Yes, but I now have the skills to talk and reason them away within minutes. And the great news is that you can too.

This is not a “ten-day-cure” but given time, patience, persistence and practice, great cognitive skills can be learned and mastered so that you, too, can manage your thoughts and find the peace and joy that comes in recovery from anxiety and/or depression.

Within the pages of this web site are many of the skills that I have learned along my journey. Feel free to download and practice any of them.

I have also included within these pages a “links” section to many wonderful web sites for mental health. I’m sure that you can find a new beginning within these pages.

Remember, above all, there is a way out of your current crisis. In fact, there are many ways out. It is my hope that your brand new life will begin right here and right now.

dean krippaehne

Dean Krippaehne is a songwriter and film and TV music producer whose many credits include: The Oprah Winfrey Show, One Life to Live, Parenthood, The Vampire Diaries, Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Say Yes to the Dress, Secret Circle, Friends with Benefits, The Nate Berkus Show, Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” Oprah’s Lifeclass, Monster Man, The Hills, Culture Shock, The Real L word, Lincoln Heights..., to name a few. As a songwriter he has earned a two gold and platinum records as well as a Billboard Top Ten. Dean continues to write and produce music daily and currently has more than 40 smooth jazz songs in rotation on Muzak's environmental channel...

In addition, Dean is a veteran conference speaker, workshop instructor and panelist always interested in sharing his expertise and insight with others and has been the director of contemporary music and a worship leader at a large church in South Seattle for the past twenty years...

Dean is founder and president of Retro Media Collective and Tri-West Recording. He is the author of the online worship team book “If ya wanna catch a fish ya gotta have a hook” and currnely writs a blog about songwriting, composing, the music biz and life stuff called "the Belly of the Beat." You can read his insights here: the Belly of the Beat

Dean currently lives in Seattle with his wife Karin. Together they have raised three wonderful daughters.