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hands at workClick Sean's picture for a current performance schedule!

Big News: Sean's new cd "Driving Empty Miles is now available. It can be purchaesed at shows and by mail. To purchase by mail send $10 (includes shipping) check, money order (payable to Sean Gill), or well hidden cash to:

Sean Gill
5770 South Saint Andrews Drive
New Berlin, WI 53146
Orders outside of North America add $2. New song samples will be up at soon. A cd release show has been planned. Please check the schedule page for info.
More about the cd: "Driving Empty Miles in a collection of 11 songs mostly inspired by a 6000 mile road trip I took last summer. The tunes are mostly solo acoustic giutar, with a few surprises. One song, "The Stormbringer's Lament" is dedicated to Tempest Smith. Click here to read about Tempest.

Sean Gill is a musician with diverse style. When playing solo, he performs in a style similar to that of Michael Hedges, Preston Reed and Billy McLaughlin. Sean also has a bachelor's degree in music, specializing in jazz and classical guitar. He is also a member of the progessive metal band Strange Land, and is also a sub with the Mr. Lucky Swing Syndicate and Les Artiste Big Band. In addition to guitar, he plays bass guitar, piano, various percussion, and sings. Sean has also composed and recorded music in a variety of styles, from modern classical to blues to hard rock.

About Sean's album "Book of Ashes"

"Book of Ashes is a collection of experiences I've had in the past few years, put to the sound of a solo acoustic guitar. Within the songs you will find joy, sadness, anger, and peace. If you are a fan of Michael Hedges, Billy McLaughlin and other artists like these, I think you will enjoy my music." Go to Sean's MP3 page and download songs from "Book of Ashes" and buy the 7 song cd.

Sean is also a teacher at Cascio Music in New Berlin Wisconsin. Drop him an email if you are interested in guitar, bass, or theory/composition lessons.